Hey glittery entrepreneur!


I’m Cassie, Confidence + Success Coach for the girl who wants to live a life full of glitter. I’m here to help you hone in on your purpose, put some pep in your step, cheer you on, because, well, you have a lot to offer this world! I help millennials like you get clear on how to create a glittery business that will jump start your dreams into reality. You know, so you can sip latte’s all day while changing the world. Yep, dreams DO COME TRUE!!!




It’s your time to take a leap into your glittery dreams

You and I have something in common. We both have had dreams of living a magical life with magical moments. We are eagerly excited to make an impact in this world. We are driven and determined. We know deep down that we are here for a purpose.

You have so many ideas and so many interests, but, sometimes you veer from the tracks. You are needing guidance to move forward and catapult into your next step. That’s where I come in.


You see, I’ve been on a self-discovery journey my whole life. I was a dreamer as most like to call me. Well, the old me always had huge dreams, but, I was never willing to take the action necessary to get me my dream life. So, I remained just that. A dreamer.

I went to Art School because I dreamed of one day becoming a famous fashion Photographer. Then, I moved across the country to go to Fashion School. Then, I wanted to have an online business selling hair pieces (Failed majorly and quit). Then, I landed an amazing job in fashion, got bored, moved back to my hometown in Montana. Started a blog, decided I had more to offer. The pattern here? I quit everything I ever started.



I quit each different venture for different reasons. But, the one truth remained the same. I didn’t know what I truly wanted out of life at the time. I also feared I couldn’t have what I wanted. Which, let me just tell you, completely false.


What changed?

My mindset. After a year and a half of a true journey of self-discovery, I found my calling. Help others see how much purpose they have. Help others start their glittery businesses. Help others become their highest potential. Help others live a life full of glitter.

So, if you’re here, I know that you are needing guidance in finding your way as an online entrepreneur. I’m here to hold your hand, tell you it’s going to be okay, and get you moving towards your dreams! Once again, dreams DO COME TRUE.

What’s it going to be?

Life is full of glitter, go play in it!


So, let’s just recap here.

You are most likely here because:

>>You know you have a purpose and you feel a strong passion for helping others in the online space.

>>You are ready to follow through with your dreams.

>>You are not giving up this time. Quitting is not an option for you anymore.

>>You are ready to jump into your new business, make money doing what you love while sipping lattes in a cute coffee shop or hanging with your dogs, (hey fellow dog mom!)

>>You want to feel a deep connection with others in the online space while changing their lives.

>>You are so done with the 9-5 grind and ready to get this thing start so you can be your own boss.

>>You are ready to prove yourself wrong.

>>You are ready to live a life full of glitter.


Welcome, glittery go(al) getter! Let’s do this.



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