Hello again!

Alright, we’ve all been there. Trust me. Even Jaclyn Hill had to start somewhere when she first started practicing the infamous Cat Eye. It’s not an easy task. At least the first few times you try it. I promise you though, you got this.

When I worked at the Clinique counter I always heard the same thing. “I could never do a cat eye like you.” “Liquid eye liner is so hard to work with!” “Please teach me your ways!” Although a Cat Eye seems like an impossible look to achieve and you think only pros can succeed at it, I’m here to tell you that is a false statement. Anyone can do it! I’m here to show you how.

I also have a sweet tutorial on YouTube if you need to see it for yourself. Click here to watch. 🙂

Okay. It’s all about baby steps right? Right! Let’s get started.

Step 1: Choose your weapon of choice! Liquid Eye Liner. I chose BH Cosmetics Liquid Liner because of the easy to use felt tip.


Step2: Start from the inner corner of your eye. In this step you are simply lining your eye closely to the lash line.


Step3: Here’s the hard part right? You got this. With confidence, angle your liner to where you are basically lining it up with the end of your brow. You can even use your liner as a ruler.


Step 4: Rest your hand on your cheek so you don’t shake uncontrollably and mess your whole eye area up!!!

Step 5: Glide. Glide your liner from the outer corner in.



Any questions? Drop them below and I will answer them as soon as possible.

Later beauties!


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