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One thing that frustrates me more than anything is choosing the perfect liquid liner. I don’t know about you, but I highly enjoy a dramatic winged look when it comes to lining my eyes. Yep. I’m that person who stands at the makeup counter and stripes my hand with every last liquid liner the brand has to offer. That being said, I truly believe the result of your cat eye greatly depends on the liner you choose.

To choose the perfect liquid eyeliner you first must decide what kind of look you want to achieve. Are you wanting to make your lash line look thicker and darker? Are you wanting a high fashion editorial eye liner look? Or maybe you are going for just your go to cat eye?

Felt tip liners are great for thickening your lash line while brush tips are great for more precision. Let me just say that I LOVE A THICK LASH LINE! Who doesn’t? It gives you a super sophisticated look. I love this BH Cosmetics one here! You should know this because I use it in most of my photos and all of my You Tube videos. I promise you that this eye liner does not budge!!!! I can wear it all day long without any smudging. I have to take it off with an oil based makeup remover. Give it a try ya’ll!


Brush liquid liners give you great precision for a sharp edgy look. My absolute favorite liquid eyeliner with a brush applicator is the E.L.F. Expert Liquid Liner.  This is a great liner for beginners with liquid liners! It’s a very easy application. The black liquid glides across your lash line. I’m obsessed. This liner does not stay on as well as the BH Cosmetics, but I still love love love it. Another great one is the Wet n’ Wild Mega Liner. Not to mention both of these are under $3!!!!!

Gel/Creme liners are great for control. When I say control I mean that you have full control of where this liner goes. You can use an eye liner brush to glide these on. My absolute favorite favorite gel eyeliner is the Double Wear Stay In Place Gel Liner. Stays on FOREVER! Not literally, but you get my point. These gel liners come in a variety of colors and last a very long time. They also give a very bold look.


*** I do not take any credit for the photographs in this blog post.***

So there you have it! You get to decide what kind of look you want. I would love to see which eyeliners you go with in the comments! 🙂



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