Alright, raise your hand if you have or plan on purchasing handmade makeup products from Etsy. We don’t normally think of Etsy shops as a place to buy beauty items. I know I never thought about it. Etsy is a website that you can purchase handmade items from artisans.

Well, I happened to stumble upon a mecca for all things glittery eyeshadows last month and boy am I glad I did. I found BSH Cosmetics, previously known as Sarah’s Glitters, on Instagram and after seeing her variety of pressed glitters I decided to check out her Etsy Shop. The second my webpage redirected to her site I instantly felt right at glittery home! There are hand pressed glitters galore as well as cute little glitter field loose glitter jars. It’s a mecca for glitter (and glitter is my middle name!)

I purchased the beautiful Godiva Pressed Glitter. Not only is it gorgeous, but it was only $7.00! That’s such a great price for a handmade quality product. I was delighted when I received my package and the most adorable handwritten thank you note from the seller. Such a personal touch. Not only did I unwrap my Godiva glitter but to my surprise, Sarah had included a second pressed glitter called Cinderella!

I instantly had to play with them! They are gorgeous you guys. You have to grab one! Or all of them… I also love the fact that they are animal cruelty free and vegan.

I was so excited when Sarah agreed to an interview for my blog. I know you all will enjoy what she has to say about her handmade business.

Me: How long have you been making your own glitter shadows?

Sarah: I’ve been making my own glitter shadows since last summer.

Me: What made you want to make eye shadows?

Sarah: I wanted to make my own because after research I saw it was possible to do on my own and I loved the idea of pressed glitters instead of loose.

Me: What is the process of making your glitters and how long does it take to complete each batch?

Sarah: First I have to sanitize and then I make my formula that I mix with the glitters. I let them sit for a day then press them, let them sit for another day and then ship! Depending on how big the batch. The total time to make a batch of 30 glitters takes about 3 or 4 hours.

Me: What are your goals with Sarah’s Glitters?

Sarah: My goal is just to keep customers happy and grow my business:)

Me: Which glitter shadow is your favorite?

Sarah: I think my favorite shadow is Emerald. It’s just such a beautiful color.

Me: Can I buy your glitters in any stores or only online?

Sarah: Online only!

Me: What is one mistake you’ve made while starting your Etsy business/shop?

Sarah: My biggest mistake was accidentally buying bulk amounts of the wrong glitter. I needed cosmetic grade and accidentally got nail glitter. I lost a lot of money, but I still have plans for the other glitter.

Me: Who is your ideal customer?

Sarah: My idea customer is someone who is interactive and understanding. I love when customers talk to me and keep up with me and their lives and mine and I really appreciate understanding customers who if they have a concern coming to me first to communicate about it so I can help them.

Me: Have you always been passionate about makeup?

Sarah: I started becoming interested in makeup when I was 12 and the obsession has only grown!

Me: Do you plan to expand/grow your business further?

Sarah: Yes! I have so many plans for my business and can’t wait until I have the funds to expand:)

It was such a pleasure getting to know Sarah and her business. I will definitely be a return customer. You guys, hurry and get your glitters!!!!


Thanks for reading pretties! Comment below the glitter you’d like to try most!


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