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Today I have a special treat for you. We often wonder how all these Makeup Artists make it in the industry and how they got started with makeup. Well, today California Makeup Artist Chelsea is here to tell us what made her decide to join the beauty world. Chelsea has been in the industry for eight years! We could learn a lot from her.

Me: How did you get started in the beauty world?


CC: I always loved makeup. From the time I was little. The moment I was old enough to wear makeup out of the house, I was intriguied. My mom taught me basics and from there I just ran with it. The moment that I hit the peek of my makeup artistry was when I started getting severely, verbally bullied and threatened at a freshmen and sophomore in high school. I started to feel that I needed to hide all my imperfections so people would stop picking at me. I was a cheerleader and a dancer, so I was always in some sort of spotlight and I just wanted to “be someone else”. I wanted to fit the criteria of what was socially acceptable to be called beautiful. Makeup and I have a strong bond, because it used to be my mask. My armor. It protected and shielded me from the cruelty of the world. It made me feel beautiful. Also, the main purpose it served was this mental protection I used that would combat any “your ugly” comments with, “how do you know if I am ugly or not? I am wearing makeup.” I would ask that inside my head and for the time being, it made me feel better. As I got older, I realized that I was pretty good at makeup. I started offering my services to friends and family and I slowly started to realize on my own that makeup was indeed powerful, but it did not need to serve as a shield for me anymore. I realized that girls can be pretty mean, but that did not define my natural beauty. I no longer felt compelled or obligated to cover myself with layers of makeup for any other reason than the point of artistic expression and because I honestly just enjoyed it.


Me: How old were you when you started playing with makeup?


CC: I have been playing with makeup for as long as I can recall. My mom tells me stories of me getting into her makeup as a little baby. My favorite story is the one where I was about three years old and I snuck into my mom’s makeup drawer and pulled out her red lipstick. She caught me doing it and gave me the count of three to put it back. As she counted, 1.take the cap off. 2. the lipstick up into place. 3.Apply as swiftly as possible, twist lipstick down, close cap. Then I ran over to her, hugged her legs and rubbed the red lipstick, which was applied very sloppily to begin with, all over her white pants. I have always been attracted to makeup.


Me: What is your dream job?


CC: For a long time my dream job was to work on movies. Especially, believe it or not, special FX makeup. I do SFX as well as beauty. Now as I get older I am focusing on inspiring others and using the power of makeup to influence women and men to find their inner confidence. No matter what your story is, you are beautiful, with ot without makeup. Putting the makeup on just reminds you of the confidence that already lives inside of you. You have to grab onto that confidence and carry it around even when you don’t have makeup on.

Me: What is your favorite makeup brand and why?


CC: Goodness. It would be easier for me to tell you my least favorite brands of makeup. I love MAC, Too Faced, Estee Lauder, Tarte and currently loving the newer brand, Violet Voss. …Those are my top favorites, but honestly there re so many brands. I love different brands for different items and uses. I love full coverage products so that in photos the makeup rally stands out and pigmented shadows. These brands provide that for me.


Me: Favorite product?


CC: My favorite products are my ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills) dip brow pomades, they work wonders. I also love MACs lipsticks. So pigmented and they smell good too.


Me: If you could only wear one makeup product out of the house what would it be?


CC: ABH dip brow pomade to help these brows OUT. They struggle.


Me: What is a makeup trend you are so over?


CC: The “perfect” eyebrow trend. Everyone has a different face shape, brows should be filled in or shaped to compliment your own face structure. As someone who was not BORN with what would be considered “bad” eyebrows naturally, it is not okay for women and men to feel as though they can’t fit into the beauty world if their eyebrows don’t look a certain way. You cannot help what you are born with (unless you remove them and tattoo them, which not everyone wants to do.)

Me: What is a makeup trend you haven’t tried yet but would love to?


CC: The silicone beauty “sponge”. I have seen it everywhere but haven’t used it yet.


Me: Where can our readers see you in the next two years? (career wise)


CC: Hopefully making a difference. I would love for my social media and YouTube to expand and reach more people. I want to be a public figure to help those who struggle with, or have struggled with being bullied or not feeling up to beauty standards. I believe I went through my struggles and found this path for a reason. That reason is to help people.


Me: What advice would you give to readers wanting to learn more about makeup?


CC: Practice, practice, practice. I did not get my winged liner sharp overnight, in fact there are still days I manage to mess it up. I did not learn how to blend my shadows overnight. Everything takes time, heart and practice. All makeup artists have bad days. Do not give up. Keep learning. Read and watch as much as you can. If you love it, research it. Learn all you can. Practice with low end products. You do not need to break the bank to grow your knowledge and talent.

I knew just by her written words how passionate she is about makeup and her business. Makeup is a true art to Chelsea. Be sure to check her out on the following platforms:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQGc9iC9Y7yMk9BI0f7V56w

Thank you for reading everyone! Thank you Chelsea for agreeing to this interview! If I’m in California anytime soon I’m coming to you for a makeover!



****I don’t take any credit for any photographs in this post*******


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