Okay, you’re in Ulta and you’re hovering over the Urban Decay Naked palettes. A beauty advisor comes over at least three times to see if you need help with anything. You say, “No, I’m just looking.” Each time you say that you’re really thinking in your head, ‘Which palette should I choose?  They’re all so pretty!!! What do I do!!!!’ At least that’s what most beauty fanatics think in Ulta. Well, luckily, I didn’t actually have this issue. My Mom did! Ha! I got a text from my mom last weekend. Poor thing. She couldn’t decide what palette to choose. My Mom loves every single bronze shade on the planet. Lucky for me, she settled on the Urban Decay Naked Palette. This is lucky for me because she lets me use her makeup goodies! So the question is this: Is the Urban Decay Naked Palette Worth The Money?

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After several texts back and forth about which palette she should get, she finally made the decision and the purchase. Yay! When she brought it home we both basked in its’ glory. Then we proceeded to play with it.

Is The Urban Decay Naked Palette Worth The Money

Here are my thoughts:

Colors? BEAUTIFUL. My absolute favorite color in the palette is the Half Baked gold. It’s golden and gorgeous. It just so happens to be my Mom’s favorite as well. Twinsies!

The application is perfection. Great color pay off and extremely easy to blend.

There is an amazing assortment of colors. From gun metals to a shimmery bronze to fancy champagnes. This is a fantastic everyday palette.

Is The Urban Decay Naked Palette Worth The Money

Okay so here comes the naked truth (pun intended.) I told my Mom that there are plenty of palettes that she could’ve scored for a lot less money. You know what? There are. I also told her that those other palettes can do just as much as the Naked palette. Maybe that’s true as well. I also (don’t hate me) told her she was paying for the name, Urban Decay. Maybe. Maybe not. But you know what? I bit my tongue when she pulled it out of the bag and we started playing with the delicious palette.

Grab your UD Naked Eyeshadow Palette !

Have you tried any of the Naked Palettes? I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

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Omg girl! I love the Naked Pallet! I have it and the second one, for a long time I didn’t use anything else ’cause it had all the colors that I really used. Now I have an unhealthy obsession with Color Pop Cosmetics lol. <3


It’s pretty! I have to be honest. I have yet to try Color Pop Cosmetics! I’m very interested in trying it out! Their lip colors look incredible.


OMG your blog for the Naked Pallet was sooo honest and truthful!!! That is exactly what happened to me also!! I couldn’t decide and wasn’t sure if any were worth the money! I love that you still let your mom make her choice with honest opinions and then let us know with truth that there are other pallets out there cheaper with the same accomplishments. Very cute! This blog made me giggle! Loved it!!


Yes! It’s incredible how sometimes we spend so much of our hard earned money on just a brands name. So glad to deliver a giggle! Thanks for reading. ❤️

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