Happy Monday readers! Today is all about how to maintain healthy looking skin. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh just another beauty blogger who thinks it’s easy to have healthy looking skin.’ Yes, I believe you can get and maintain healthy skin. Do I always execute these tips I’m about to share with you? Heck no. I’m only human. I have my weekends of drinking entirely too much coffee and soda and stuffing my face with ice cream and Pringles. No one is perfect right? Right. However, I truly believe you can get and maintain healthy looking skin.

So, why do I believe this? Yes, I worked with Skin Care brands that educated us on the importance of SPF and to drinking lots of water. However, I learned most of this by giving all the below tips a try.

How To Maintain Healthy Looking Skin Skin Care

Come on Cassie, get on with it! How do I maintain healthy looking skin?!

1.) Drink Water

I have this as number one because in my opinion it is the most effective. I am completely guilty of drinking little to no water each day. Seriously. Some days I go with a sip of water and ten cups of coffee and of course my glass of wine. Eek! I know, I feel unhealthy just talking about it. A couple of weeks ago my skin began to break out. Not your average ‘Oh no a pimple.’ Full on break out on my chin, temples, forehead, and cheeks! While I was stressed and going through a lot of changes (I know that has something to do with it as well) I realized I had completely neglected my body. I was severely dehydrated. So my goal was to start drinking water. A LOT of water. Before I knew it, my skin began to clear up.

Here’s a challenge for you. Make a goal of drinking more water. Whether it’s two gallons or two liters. Make it a goal and stick to it each day. Document your experience. Note how your skin starts to change after day one. Then day two. So on and so fourth. Do this for seven days. At the end I can truly say your skin will look healthier and have a beautiful glow.

How To Maintain Healthy Looking Skin Skin Care

2.) Wear SPF

Think of it like this. People used to tan hides by drying them outside under the sun. Well, if you know what I tanned hide looks like, you can pretty much imagine what your skin will start to look like if you’ve had a lot of sun exposure. Even the tiniest exposure to sun can damage your skin. I learned a lot about how UVB and UVA rays can wreak havoc on your beautiful precious skin while working with Clinique (one of the top skin care brands in the world.

Here’s a personal testimony. When I was senior in high school, I worked as a maintenance worker at a golf cart. I was out in the bright sun for up to eight hours everyday, five days a week for the whole summer. While I’ve always had freckles, I noticed a large increase in the number of freckles I obtained after working outside that summer. I was eighteen and had no care or knowledge of sun damage. Now, to this day, I am increasingly seeing more freckles pop up even though I protect my skin now. That’s because that damage is starting to show through. Trust me on this one, you must wear SPF! I recommend the City Block from Clinique. It’s light weight and also doubles as a fantastic foundation primer.

3.)Makeup Removal & Cleansed Skin

Okay so you’re rolling your eyes. I’m definitely guilty of coming home after a long night out and crawling into my bed with out removing my makeup and washing my face. I hate to admit that. Sometimes a girl just wants to sleep! However, this can cause many problems. Picture this. You have baked on your concealers, bronzers, foundations, powders, and your killer setting spray. That’s five layers of gunk on your precious skin! Now imagine sleeping in all of those layers. You can only imagine how clogged your pores are becoming with every hour of sleep. Did you know that your skin has a completely different cycle while you are sleeping? That’s right, your skin sleeps too. Your skin cell turnover is changing during your hours of sleep. This is prime time for clean skin to excel and brighten.

I recommend these Oil-Free Makeup Removing Towelettes from BH Cosmetics. They effortlessly remove your makeup in seconds. Also, very easy on the wallet.

So next time you come home late, just think of all the breakout you might have the next day and go WASH YOUR FACE.

4.) Use Clean Makeup Tools

I showed you in this previous post how to clean your makeup brushes. Apply makeup with clean brushes is essential to healthy skin. Your brushes become packed with bacteria in which is then transferred to your pretty face. I highly recommend using clean tools including beauty sponges!

5.) Sleep

Like I mentioned in number three, your skin has its own sleeping cycle too. You need adequate sleep to wake up ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed.’ Have you ever partied too late or stayed up late studying for that final? The next day you wake up fighting dark circles and puffiness? I’ve definitely been there. This is because 1.) you skin is dehydrated and 2.) you didn’t get enough sleep. Make it your goal to get at least seven hours of sleep. Your body and your skin will thank you.

I could spout off thirty products that could help you maintain healthy skin, however, without taking care of yourself, your skin will only reflect your bad habits. Take some time to come up with a skin care routine and stick with it. This post was definitely a fun process for me as I am incorporating these healthy steps into my routine. I’m still teaching myself how to maintain healthy looking skin.


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All these are absolutely true!!! Thanks for these great reminders!!!! The honesty is the best!! I think your blogs are great!!! Keep up the great work!!!👍🏼


Thanks Heather! I’m so glad you liked it. I’ve been slacking on my water intake this week and guess what? Breakout! I’ve got to get back on my h20. Thanks for reading!

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