Morning beauties! I hope you all have a piping hot cup of coffee in hand while you’re reading this post. Get comfy, sit back and relax while you read my review on the Shaanxo BH Cosmetics Eye And Lip Palette. I’ve been wanting to get this post up sooner but I just had so many other wonderful things to post.

***This post contains affiliate links in which I may make commissions from. My product reviews are my honest opinion and I will always be transparent about these products. This post on Shaanxo BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow And Lip Palette expresses my true opinion. Thank you for your love and support. 

I purchased this palette about a month ago when I discovered my local Ulta had started carrying BH Cosmetics. You guys, this is one of my favorite brands!!! I was so excited I jumped for joy! I literally could’ve bought all of the different palettes they carry if my wallet would’ve allowed me to. Anyway, I was so excited when I saw the Shaanxo palette. If you don’t already know, Shaanxo is a fabulous beauty blogger, Shannon is her real name. Shannon is based out of New Zealand and she has the most rad accent! I love watching her informative vlogs on YouTube because she has a fun TV personality and an awesome accent! Yeah, I super love her. Thank goodness she decided to do the BH Cosmetics collaboration. If you’d like to check out her videos you can click here. Of course she would vlog about her very own collaboration with BH Cosmetics on her channel. Here is what she has to say about her product. Swatches included.

The Product

Shaanxo BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow And Lip Palette

This palette contains nine eye shadow colors and nine unique lip colors compiled in a unique package. I love the subtle pink tone of the packaging as well as the dual sided box.

Shaanxo BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow And Lip Palette

The Eye Shadows

I was pleasantly surprised when I applied these shadows to my eye lids. At such an affordable price of $14.50 I assumed the pigment would be less than significant. While they are not the most pigmented eye shadow I’ve tried, they were pretty pigmented for their price. I love the variety of colors in this palette. From subtle peach shades to deep rust/copper shades and greenish grays. I love it!

Shaanxo BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow And Lip Palette

The Lip Colors

So. Creamy. That is all. Just kidding, I won’t leave you hanging. These lip colors are super creamy and the bright springy pinks mixed with the deeper fall shades make for an excellent lip palette! They are very easy to mix and create your own shade. They stay on a decent amount of time. I wore the bright pink peony shade while I chugged a latte and my lipstick stayed in place.

Shaanxo BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow And Lip Palette

All in all, this palette was extremely satisfying in every way. Great price, great collaboration, great product. So, hurry up ladies! Head to the nearest Ulta and snag yours before they are gone. Don’t forget to check out Shaanxo’s channel! You won’t regret it.

Have you tried this palette yet? What are your thoughts?

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