How many animal lovers do we have out there? Raise your hand! Okay, since I can’t see you, just comment below if you love animals. What if I told you that the beauty brands in your medicine cabinet might still participate in testing on animals? Yep, it’s a sad world we live in. Don’t worry, there are many amazing brands that are totally against this inhumane practice. Keep reading if you’d like to hear more about the top 10 beauty brands that are cruelty free.

***Read to the very end if you would like to participate in a campaign that will help in ending animal testing.

Top 10 Beauty Brands That Are Cruelty Free


I love every animal on the planet. (Yes, get ready for a ‘hippy, animal, tree-hugger, spiel. Sorry, not sorry.) Animals are a gift to this world and we take them for granted. In fact, we take them for so much granted that we don’t mind using a lipstick that in order to perfect, a poor bunny endured countless hours of pain and suffering just so you could have that perfect shade of red. Okay, so that sounds harsh. I know you personally didn’t inflict this pain on them but we are all guilty by association.

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I’m not going to post the images of what happens to these poor little babies out of respect for my readers who can’t emotionally handle it. However, if you happen to google ‘animal testing’ you can see the cruelty that goes in to creating products. These images are so disturbing and it will truly break your heart. Please be sure to educate yourself on this topic and help save these buddies.

This is a strong subject and while I don’t have all of the facts on the matter, I do have a list of beauty brands that absolutely do not test on animals. I have worked for several beauty brands and in training I would always ask: “Does (said company) test on animals?” I always got the same answer. “We do not test on animals.” Okay cool right? Well, turns out, brands can say that they do not test on animals when in reality they are outsourcing this process. The brand itself can even state in its mission statement that they do not test on animals but they are handing that job off to another company in another country who tests on animals for them. I would definitely say that makes the brand just as guilty wouldn’t you?

Being a strong advocate against using products that required animal testing, I began to worry. Who’s telling the truth? What brands can I really trust? Gone are the days that you can read a tube and see “Not Animal Tested” and truly believe that label. That being said, I went ahead and did some research to find out which brands are truly animal cruelty free.

What I found disturbed me to my core. I worked for Clinique and Lancome. If you don’t know already, Clinique is an Estee Lauder brand and Lancome is a L’Oreal brand. Both brands led me to believe that they did not test on animals. Of course they didn’t tell me that they were still paying China to do the dirty work for them.

Top 10 Beauty Brands That Are Cruelty Free

I am going to be completely honest with you all. I use Clinique products. I use Lancome products. I also use many other beauty brands that I recently learned of their support for animal testing. Say it isn’t so!!! What will I do with out my La Vie Est Belle perfume?! Who cares. If we can stop using these brands and make a difference, then sign me up.

I’ve made a pact to finish up all of the products of brands that still support this horrific process and I will not spend another dime on these money hungry brands. Will it be hard? Yes. Will it take some adjusting? Heck yes. Will it be worth it? TOTALLY!!!

Below are the top ten beauty brands that are cruelty free. I will be purchasing from these and many others from now on. The next time you shop the web for your beauty fix keep an eye out for these brands.

Top 10 Brands That Are Cruelty Free

1.) RCMA Makeup- This beauty brand is trusted by makeup professionals and has been creating cruelty free products since 1963. RCMA offers a full line of foundations, eye shadows, and more. Many beauty bloggers swear by the RCMA Powder which perfectly sets your beautiful foundation. We all know that the best reason to give this brand a try is for their commitment to remain animal cruelty free.

2.) PUR Cosmetics- This skin care and makeup brand delivers healthy glowing skin minus the animal testing. PUR Cosmetics is a trusted company among many skin care fanatics and for good reason. Their full line of skin care and makeup makes it easy to find whatever it is you are looking for.

3.)Physician’s Formula- I recently tried one of their highlighters and I’m hooked!!! This highlighter gives a very natural glow. The brand carries unique bronzers, CC creams, skin care, and so much more.

4.) Axiology- This unique brand is a lipstick line that offers creamy natural organic and vegan lip crayons and lipsticks. These are made with natural ingredients like coconut, vitamin e oil, avocado, and more. Talk about healthy lips!

5.) Pixi- These products are made with botanical and healthy ingredients for your skin. Pixi has you covered with a full skin care line and various makeup products. The creator, Petra, has over two decades of experience in creating products and makeup artistry. You are in good hands when it comes to Pixi products.

6.) Melt Cosmetics- I’m so excited about this brand! I recently heard of this brand and I think it is one of the most innovative brands that is going to grow big. The founders of this brand created very user-friendly containers and packaging for their creative eye shadows and their wide selection of lip sticks. Neon matte lipstick? Say no more! You can check out their inspiring video on how they got started here.

7.) Lush- This popular brand has an array of beauty products made right here in the USA. Nothing to hide here. They have everything from bath bombs, to perfume, to makeup. They even have some rad hair care products. Their lines make getting ready fun! Seriously, you have to check them out.

8.) Kopari Beauty- Most of you know how obsessed I am with this brand at the moment. You can see a product/brand review I did here. 100% organic coconuts from the Philippines, vegan, silicone free. Those are just a few ways to describe this tropical brand. They offer skin care containing these glorious coconuts. That’s just Kopari in a nutshell.

9.) Jouer-I discovered this beautiful brand on Instagram one day. Their glosses are absolutely stunning. They have gorgeous foil eye shadows and glowing highlighters! Check them out here.

10.) Colour Pop- This quirky brand hails from Los Angeles California and makes playing with eye shadow even more fun. They are new on the scene starting in 2014 and offer gorgeous cosmetics at a very affordable price. Who wouldn’t want to try these cruelty free products?

Top 10 Beauty Brands That Are Cruelty Free

Let’s take a stand together against animal cruelty driven products. Like I said, I have made pact to stop supporting brands who continue to pay for animal testing. I would love it if you would join me on this journey as we help put a stop to this practice! Together, we can end animal cruelty. Spread the word beauties! Let’s make a difference for our voiceless fur friends.

Let’s end Animal testing!!! Read below to find out how you can help.

If you want to help make a difference, there are also organizations out there that continue to find alternative ways to test for beauty brands that don’t include testing on animals. You can donate to these organizations to help them find a solution faster. The Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing is working hard on making a difference. You can donate straight to their site, or you can purchase a cute t-shirt, with the money going towards this organization. In order for this to work, we must sell at least 11 shirts in order for them to be printed and shipped. Don’t worry, you will not be charged if this threshold is not met. We need to make this happen though so that we can donate the proceeds to make a difference. You can read more about this here. So spread the word!!! Let’s do this.

Click this link to shop.

About this campaign.

Did you know that most of the big beauty brands you buy in store every day still pay for animal testing? That’s right, your hard-earned money is going towards paying these labs and  you might not even know it. With all of the research and scientific finds in this day and age why are we still using animals to test out chemicals so that we can “safely” wear our favorite beauty products? Let’s put an end to this cruel process and help free our furry friends from their lab chains. Let’s be real, no bunnies got time for that.

All of the profits from this sell will go to The Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing where they will use it to further their research and end animal testing once and for all.

Be the voice for our voiceless fur friends. You CAN make a difference.


Please reach out if you have any further questions on how this works.




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I love this post!! Another one to add to the list is tarte! It’s actually PETA certified. I’m all about saving the animals so thank you so much for posting this to inform people!

xo, Sarah |


Hi Sarah! I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. I love Tarte products! However, after doing research I found that Tarte cosmetics was purchase by Kose, a Japanese beauty brand who still rests on animals. While Tarte does not participate in animal testing, the money ultimately goes to the parent company, Kose, who spend part of that money on animal testing.. 😢 Just something to think about. If you know any other details I might be overlooking, please let me know. Thanks for reading! 🙂


I’m happy that a lot of what I buy is on this list, but not everything. This was enlightening, I need to do my research!


I’m glad you found it helpful! What products are using from the list? Curious. It’s unfortunate that it’s a little more difficult nowadays to figure out which companies test on animals and which don’t. Just remember to look at their parent companies when choosing products. Often times they say they don’t test on animals but their parent companies do and your money is essentially going to those parent companies. Thanks for stopping by! 😃


This is a great article! Happy you could provide these products to your followers so that people can start using products that don´t involve cruelty to animals.


Thanks Josh! I’m excited to share this for more people to become aware of animal testing and know that there are other options. Thanks for reading!


Very informative and passionate post, Cassie, love it! I don’t own much makeup, but my favorite brand is E.L.F. I know it’s known to be “cruelty-free” but it definitely falls into the gray area since it’s manufactured in China. I actually did further research and found that their brushes are made with horse-hair, which adds to all the confusion of what constitutes “cruelty-free.”

What’s your opinion on the brand?


Thank you Sheila! I love E.L.F. products as well. They are in fact manufactured in China, however, they are not sold in China for the sole purpose that they ARE cruelty free and Vegan. Their brushes are actually 100% synthetic and made with Taklon hair. They are partners with PETA. So that should put your mind at ease. I’m so glad they are cruelty free. It’s so hard to truly know these days. What is your favorite product of theirs?

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