We are officially entering the summer season and I’m sure you are all ready to hit the beach with your sunnies and margaritas! Oh, that’s just me? Anyway, I’m super ready to get some sunshine and pool time in. In honor of this warm weather, I have teamed up with Heaven from A Little Heavenly  to share our 5 must have beauty products to get through the summer. You can read Heaven’s choices here. Keep reading below to see what products I won’t be caught without this summer.

5 Must Have Beauty Products To Get Through the Summer

5 Must Have Beauty Products To Get Through the Summer

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1.) KOPARI Coconut Melt

Okay, I know, I have a super crazy obsession with this brand and you may be getting sick of reading about it. But, might I just add that this is the PERFECT summer product. Hello… it’s made of pure organic coconut oil! You can’t get anymore summer than that. This melt is multi functional as you can use it to moisturize, take your makeup off, wash your hair using this as a mask, and so many other ways. You can read my full product review here.

5 Must Have Beauty Products To Get Through the Summer

2) XEN-TAN Ins-Tan-Taneous Daily Tan

This self tanner gives you the perfect non-streak tan. I have never been one to use self tanners because no matter how hard I try to apply them, they end up streaky and unnatural… Not this one! I recommend applying it with a Mitt for a flawless coverage. You can find one here. The best part of this tanner is that it sets within sixty seconds of application and it has an olive undertone so it doesn’t look orange.

3.) Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo

This shampoo is incredibly invigorating! It gives your scalp a cooling mint sensation that is perfect for the hot summer heat! Cool down while deep cleaning your mane. The conditioner is amazing as well! My hair feels healthy and smells refreshing all summer long.

4.) Kopari Coconut Body Glow

I have been using this every time I wear shorts or a dress. It gives my arms and legs a shimmering bronze and smells so delicious! My skin stays moisturized throughout the hot summer sunshine. Again, you can read my product review here.

5 Must Have Beauty Products To Get Through the Summer

5.) Wet N’ Wild Color Icon Bronzer

This is one of my favorite drugstore brands. It’s inexpensive, and my favorite part? Cruelty free! I love when bigger name brands go cruelty free. Anyway, this bronzer gives me the perfect natural glow with a hint of shimmer and SPF 15 for protection. You just can’t beat the price.

5 Must Have Beauty Products To Get Through the Summer

5 Must Have Beauty Products To Get Through the Summer

All of the products listed in this post are animal cruelty free meaning none of these brands test on or pay other labs to test on animals. You can read about my campaign to end animal testing for good, #NoBunniesGotTimeForThat here.

I’m so excited to be collaborating with the lovely beauty blogger, Heaven. Be sure to check out her post and her beautiful blog. <3

Now, let’s get our summer products on and our bikinis and hit the pool!

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