How To Receive Free Beauty Products To Review

Have you ever wondered how all of those super famous beauty bloggers are always showing off their free products from huge beauty brands? Like, how do we get in that circle of love, right? I have been getting so many questions from you guys asking me how I get products to review. Well, I’m here today to share with you allΒ how to receive free beauty products to review.

How To Receive Free Beauty Products To Review

How To Receive Free Beauty Products To Review

Sign Up For Influenster

Most of you have heard of Influenster, an app that you write product reviews on and help answer other beauties questions. The more active you are on this app, the more you can win “contests”. I know what you’re thinking… Great, Cassie, another app I have to download and waste endless hours answering surveys and reviewing products just to “maybe” win free product. NO! I promise you, it’s legit. I was receiving free products monthly even when I first started my journey as a beauty blogger. If you want to get started and receive free products you can sign up here.

How To Receive Free Beauty Products To Review
Received complimentary of Influenster for review.

Go Talk To Local Beauty Bars

Okay, this one is a little less orthodox but it truly works! Local hair salons, brow bars, makeup boutiques. They all want you to try out their products so you will keep coming back and referring friends. This works really well if you are looking for samples to try. I always go in fully prepared. Learn about their brand and business, take your business cards, and let them know that you would love to spread the word about their wonderful products on your blog.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

When I first started my blog I always thought I had to have thousands of page views per month to even consider reaching out to brands and asking for free product to review. I was so wrong! I have sent many emails to brands that I would love to review. Have they all emailed back? No way. But, some brands did! I was so ecstatic. All you have to do is craft a professional email explaining how you would share their brand/products, who your audience is, why it would benefit them, and let them know how much you love their brand and how their brand is relative to your blog. You will be quite surprised at how many brands want to send you free stuff!

How To Receive Free Beauty Products To Review
Received these products complimentary of Kopari Beauty for review.

Ask For A Partnership

Again, don’t be afraid to reach out to brands that you may see yourself working with. Reach out and ask to partner with a brand you love. Let them know how they can benefit from your partnership. For example, I recently reached out to a vegan beauty brand to see if they would like to partner with me on my End Animal Testing Campaign. I let them know my mission and goal and I told them how being a part of my campaign would benefit them. They are a brand that is a huge advocate for cruelty free products so I knew they would relate. They agreed and I am proud to announce that they will be sending out my newsletter to all their clients! They were also kind enough to send me free products to review on my blog. I will be doing a full feature on them soon so stay tuned!

How To Receive Free Beauty Products To Review
Received free from Tash Cosmetics to review.

You don’t have to have one million followers to get free makeup. You just have to be open to receiving and work hard on reaching out.

How do you get free products?


20 thoughts on “How To Receive Free Beauty Products To Review

  1. I love all these tips! It’s scary to think about reaching out when your blog is smaller, but I’m so glad I started reaching out to brands early on! It can’t hurt. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Arwa! I’m so excited you signed up. Influenster is a great platform to receive free products to review. On you have completed your profile, I recommend taking surveys on products you’ve used. The more active you are on their app, the more free products you are sent. Be sure to complete all of the campaigns you are assigned in your profile. Once a campaign ends, you will be entered to win a ‘Vox Box’ (free stuff). Don’t worry, you don’t have to be super lucky to win. I started getting these vox boxes the first month I signed up before I barely had any followers on social media. I usually receive free products once or twice a month. Let me know if you have any further questions. πŸ™‚

  2. Another big thing to working with brands (and only if you are able to) is to attend conventions and bring your business cards. I attended Ipsy’s Generation Beauty last month and have heard from a few brands, and have reached out to more via the business cards they gave me and am just waiting to hear back πŸ™‚


  3. I joined a group of blogger in facebook where there are campaigns in exchange of cash or products. That’s one way of getting free products.;)

  4. I do get a lot of free products . most of the time brands contact me say in they want to den me something. Sometimes I do ! I send email to them.and sometimes they say yes and sometime no.

    1. That’s great, Monica! Yes! I was amazed at how many brands reached out to me when I first started. I always thought you had to have thousands of subscribers and millions of views to get noticed and get free products.

  5. Loved those tips! I haven’t really thought of going into salons to ask, but that might be a clever idea! Also, I think only people in US benefit from Influenster and it’s a bit disappointing for the rest of us out there 😁

  6. Awesome post! I’ve been looking into getting free products to write blog posts, so I can show potential clients what I know in the beauty world. I’ll admit when I first clicked the post I was thinking “Oh goodie, another post about Influenster” (not that Influenster isn’t great, but it gets tiresome to see post after post about it.

    1. Thanks Katelyn! May I ask what type of work you do for your clients? I agree about the Influenster comment. I had to add it in there because it truly is a great way to get free product, however, there are so many other ways out there as well! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes! Definitely try! It’s totally easy because you are behind y our computer writing the email you know? The worst they can do is say no or not respond at all, but if you don’t try, you miss out on all of those yesses! Good luck. Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions. <3

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