Are you one of those people who feel stuck if they stay in one place for too long? My family used to joke with me all of the time saying I am a Gypsy because I’m never trying to settle down in one place. Why do we crave so much change? Why do we crave travel? Well, here’s why you should travel as much as possible.

Why You Should Travel As Much As Possible

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Learn New Things

When we travel, we don’t only  learn new things about the places we travel, but, we learn new things about ourselves. I always feel emotions when I travel to new places. It’s something about being lucky enough to get to travel to those places. Maybe it’s because I’m blown away by all the things this world has to offer and how small we think the world is when we are stuck in one place for too long.

Why You Should Travel As Much As Possible
Panama City Beach, Florida

Be Open Minded

When we are stuck in our cities or towns for too long, we become jaded. We don’t even think about the outside world. We start to believe that our way is the only way. I grew up in a teeny tiny town in North Western Montana. You know, where we don’t have electricity… 😉 I knew nothing of the outside world. My little town was all there was. So, when I graduated and started moving around the country, I learned so much and became more accepting of things that weren’t the “norm” in my hometown.

Why You Should Travel As Much As Possible
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Culture Shock

There’s something about traveling that makes you hyper aware of how culturally diverse our world is. I haven’t been to many countries outside of the U.S. but, our country alone is so diverse. We learn new things about how others live when we travel. Sometimes these experiences can make us super grateful, and sometimes these experiences can give us some serious envy. When we know more about different cultures, we have a certain sense of gratitude.

Why You Should Travel As Much As Possible
Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN

The Freedom Card

Sometimes as an American we tend to feel like we don’t have much freedom with our laws and sometimes limiting economy. However, we happen to have the most freedom than any other country. We have the ability to travel wherever and whenever we’d like. Even though travelling abroad is becoming more and more difficult and time consuming then ever before, we still have that freedom. We are so lucky.

Why You Should Travel As Much As Possible
Virgin Islands

Find Yourself

This is the most important aspect of travelling in my opinion. When we travel we learn who we are. We learn about what we want. With so many scary things in the world these days, we get to go out there and get lost and learn about who we are.

Jewel Basin, Montana


Do you think it’s important to travel often? Where have you recently traveled to and what did you learn?

Check out my adventures below.


Why You Should Travel As Much As Possible
Portland, OR and Cannon Beach, OR

Atlantic City, NJ & Washington D.C.


Why You Should Travel As Much As Possible
Nashville, TN

Why You Should Travel As Much As Possible

Why You Should Travel As Much As You Can
Newport Beach, CA



Gatlinburg, TN on the ski lifts.
Las Vegas, NV


Hungry Horse, Montana


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I agree! Travel is the best


Kay, definitely!!!! I would go crazy if I were unable to travel.


Hi, Cassie! I love traveling as well and these pictures look amazing!! My husband and I are hoping to go to San Francisco soon since we’ve never been and I am super excited. I love your site by the way. I am just starting to blog and have yet a lot to learn but here’s my site in case you want to check it out:


Hi Laura! San Fran seems amazing! I’ve never been either all though I have an aunt who lives there. Guess I better get down there one day! I would love to know how your trip goes! I am headed to the Oregon coast this week! So pumped. I live in Montana so it’s not too far away. Thanks for checking out my blog. <3


Last year’s resolution: Buy all the plane tickets, go all the places. Currently trying to decide what country to spend Thanksgiving in.


Kelli, that’s a great resolution! What countries are in the running for November? My goal is to see a part of Europe next year!

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