Do you ever walk through the fragrance counter in a department store and become overwhelmed at all the different scents? Yeah, me too girlfriend! It’s almost stressful picking out a fragrance. I mean, there are so many to choose from! You don’t want to smell like everyone else. You want a scent that is unique to you. Surprisingly enough, there is more to picking out a perfume then just picking one that smells good. That’s why I put this post together to help you figure out how to choose your signature scent.

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So, what is a “signature” scent?

How To Choose Your Signature Scent

There are hundreds of fragrance brands to choose from. Thousands of other women are wearing the same scents as you and everyone else. While another woman might be wearing the scent you just picked out, that doesn’t mean it can’t be special and unique to you. A signature scent is a timeless scent that represents your personality and style. This scent needs to relate to you and your lifestyle. You need to love love love the scent you are wearing and wear it everyday! Once you start wearing a fragrance that plays off your personality daily everyone will know when you are in the room. When they smell this scent they will think of you.

What scent compliments your personality?

Think about your most valued personality traits. Are you sweet and polite? Maybe you are daring. Maybe you give sass to all of your friends and family. Or, are you well rounded? Each note in a fragrance has a story to tell and can fit your personality to a tee. For example: If you are polite and conservative, your scent will most likely have a lighter and fresh scent. See some options below for each personality.

Sweet & Polite- You drift more towards floral scents as you want your sweet demeanor to shine through. It’s important to you that people see your innocent personality. Your signature scent would be: Saint by Kat Von D


The Saint fragrance carries top notes of Tiare flower and jasmine making this the perfect “sweet” fragrance to match your personality. It also has notes of mandarin and caramel to top it off.

Daring & Sultry- You love doing things you probably shouldn’t. You are a true thrill chaser and love to be different from everyone else. You are edgy but still love a good sexy scent. Your signature scent would be: Sinner by Kat Von D

The Sinner fragrance carries notes of cinnamon and vanilla with a dark twist of base notes made of vetiver, patchouli, and wood.

Sassy & Flirty- You want everyone to know that you’re the life of the party. You are always at the center of attention. Your scent is usually noticed from a far. Your signature scent would be:

How to choose your signature scent

Saint & Sinner by Kat Von D

Mix these two fragrance for the best of both worlds adding to your attention grabbing presence. You own any room with this signature scent. Plus, it’s super unique.

Deciding On Your Fragrance Purchase

Fragrances can cost a pretty penny. My advice to you is to always request samples. Don’t just spray the scents on you in store. Be sure to take home a sample and wear it over the next few days to determine how that fragrance makes you feel. If you feel it matches your personality and you love the scent, it’s time to purchase! 🙂




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