If you’re like me, you like to hang on to every penny you have because, if it’s not going to your bills, it’s going to your latte fund. In all seriousness though, sometimes we pinch our pennies saving for something we need or want that we often forget to spend our hard earned money on the little things that leave us feeling fulfilled. Here’s a prime example: It had been eleven months since I last went to the salon. You guys, I was starting to look like a gremlin with my dried out split ends. I was putting off a haircut because I had to make sure I took care of my bills and that I had money to replace the brakes on my car. Ew…. BORING! Shouldn’t we be spending the money that we work endless hours a week for on something fun? That’s why I’m sharing the top reasons why you should spend money on yourself.

Why You Should Spend Money On Yourself

Spending money on yourself makes you happy

Do you feel happy when you fork out all your money to things like bills, fast food, car parts, etc.? Heck no! But, if you do, you’re probably super responsible and I envy you for that.

When you put money aside to spend on something you love or an amazing experience, it leaves you feeling great! You deserve more of these moments.

Why you should spend money on yourself

Spending money on yourself makes you confident

Think about it, when you get a new haircut or a new outfit or a new makeup collection, you feel unstoppable. Every time I get back from a shopping trip I feel super confident in myself. Not just only in my looks but in my attitude. Spending money on things I desire boosts my spirits along with my confidence.

Spending money on yourself allows you to have a sense of financial responsibility

Okay, this sounds contradictory right? Well, if you’re a seasoned shopper/spender then you know that the key to feeling good about money is being smart with it. You should allow yourself to set aside an alotted amount of cash to spend on yourself and stick to that plan. Don’t hit the atm and take out that money and then end up hitting another atm because you see another pair of shoes you have to have. Be smart and responsible and you will feel better about spending money on yourself.

Why you should spend money on yourself

Spending money on yourself to reward yourself

How many times do we achieve our goals and end up not celabrating because we don’t believe we have the money to do so? I’m very guilty of this. Even when I get a raise at work, my mind quickly goes to, ‘Instead of spending money on celebrating, I should put more money towards paying off my car.’

We need to reward ourselves. We deserve to splurge every now and then. Especially since we are achieving our goals. So go buy that bottle of bubbly or those diamond earrings you’ve been eyeing.

You work hard for your stacks, girl. You deserve to give back to yourself. That is why you should spend money on yourself. Go do something you’ve been dying to do! Go get those shoes and take them for a night out on the town! What do you say?

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For me, spending the money has to come as a reward for working really hard. For example, I am planning a staycation over the next coming weeks at a posh hotel complete with visits to the spa etc and it should be a lot of fun! – http://www.jamilakyari.com


Wow!!! That sounds very rewarding. I love that you reward yourself for hard work. Definitely necessary. Have fun! <3


There’s definitely something empowering about being able to go out shopping and buying yourself something you want!! I think it’s important to be smart about it (because then the feeling of guilt for spending will be counter-productive hahaha)

I have a health goal that I’d like to reach by my birthday at the end of the November and if I reach it, I’m going to splurge on an expensive Dyptique or Jo Malone candle!! It’s a good motivation and allows me to save a little bit more haha



Seppy, that is awesome! I’m so excited for you to splurge because I know you will meet your goal! <3 Yes, I agree, you mustbe smart about it because you don't want to beat yourself up after rewarding yourself.

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