Happy fall ya’ll, as they say down south! I, for one, am super pumped. Those of you who know me, know that I live for fall! Red, orange, and yellow crisp leaves falling to the ground, cinnamon spice and everything nice, dark nail polish, sweater, boots, leggings, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (because I’m basic like that), fall scented candles, cozy homes, and so much more!!!! I live for that stuff! However, not everyone is in love with the season that approaches winter weather… That is why I’m sharing how you can get into the fall spirit with 5 simple things.

Get Into The Fall Spirit In 5 Simple Ways

Scented Candles

Get Into The Fall Spirit With 5 Simple Things

This is obviously a no brainer, but, hello?! It’s the greatest way to kick off the fall season! So start shopping for fall scented candles. Not only do they fill your home with a spicy cozy aroma, but, they look pretty and they give you a warm homey feeling. After all, fall is all about being together and feeling warmth and love.

Get Into The Fall Spirit With 5 Simple Things

Fall Playlist

I am OBSESSED with Youtube’s, Kaylyn Nicholson’s Spotify playlist called Crisp Leaves And Lattes. This playlist is filled with deep warm tunes that make you feel like you’re sipping a Salted Caramel Mocha at your nearest Starbucks. It inspires me to get creative and start fall crafts!

Fall Inspired Espresso Beverage

I don’t know about you, but I love a rich Pumpkin Spice Latte or Caramel Hazelnut Latte in the fall. If you were to tell me that I could have a PSL during July, I wouldn’t order one. They are only appropriate during the fall season. Grab your favorite fall flavored coffee or espresso drink, throw on a cute cozy scarf, and head to the park for some fun in the leaves!

Get Into The Fall Spirit With 5 Simple Things

Cozy Knit Blanket

I love taking a cute plaid or knit blanket to the park to sit and watch the leaves fall or pack a cute picnic. Feeling cozy is the best part of fall. So, splurge on a warm and adorable blanket or two.

Get Into The Fall Spirit With 5 Simple Things

Bouquet Of Flowers

I never used to buy flowers because I thought it was a waste of money since they would just die a week later. Now, I LOVE splurging on a bouquet as part of my home decor. They add color and a fall mood to your dining room table or foyer. I love shopping for orange, yellow, or red bouquets.

Get Into The Fall Spirit With 5 Simple Things

Fall is the best time to get inspired to finish out the year strong! So, if you’re having trouble saying goodbye to the summer season, I encourage you to go splurge on some fall inspired items! Get into the fall season with 5 simple things as mentioned above.

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I totally agree with the list! Just a few items came make such a difference!


I couldn’t agree more with you Marthilde! What are your favorite fall items to inspire you?


Cozy blankets are like a huge MUST for me during the fall/winter season so its great to see that you mentioned it here. Maybe I might get some fall decorations for my room also. – http://www.jamilakyari.com


Jamila, yes! I love love love thick cozy warm blankets! It makes my home so much cozier and they look pretty! 🙂 Thanks for reading. <3

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