Have you been trying product after product hoping to achieve the perfect balance of soft, hydrated skin that is not greasy and irritated? I’ve been on this mission before. Endless trips to the drugstore, Ulta, Sephora, department stores, online skin boutiques, resulted in over priced or “too cheap” skin products that did nothing for my skin. Other than Kopari Beauty (Which I reviewed last spring, and am still obsessed with), I have been stuck on how to move forward with a skin routine that is cruelty free and perfect for my skin. That is until my friend Mariah introduced Perfectly Posh to me. As you all know, I am always skeptical of MLM beauty brands… However, the cute packaging and Mariah got me excited to give it a try. In this post, I’m going to share my thoughts on the many products Mariah so kindly let me test. I’m going to also share how to achieve the softest skin with Perfectly Posh.

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh is a skincare company that stands for fun. passion, creativity, honesty, energy, innovation, and respect according to their mission statement. Ann Dalton created Perfectly Posh in 2011 and the company has grown quickly known for their cruelty-free and USA made quirky products. They offer a slew of delicious (fragrance, and rich) skin care products ranging from facial masks to bubble baths.

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

Where You Bean All My Life Big Bath Soap Bar

This is obviously my favorite product that I’ve tried so far. I mean, it’s a coffee addicts dream soap bar am I right? I don’t just love it because of the coffee aspect though… It offers a very generous yet gentle exfoliation process combined with shea butter and coffee beans. My skin is super soft and free of dead skin cells afterwards. Ingredients include coffee beans (obvi), cocoa seed butter, milk, and sugar. Can you say, yum?

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

Fauxpology Scrubby Bath Bar

It was no surprise to me that I loved this product. This bath bar has a less gentle exfoliation but works wonders to your skin! You need to be careful with this one though because if you scrub too hard, it will hurt! The bar is made up of eco-friendly beads and plant based sugars. The added shea butter helps moisturize the skin. The intense exfoliation is to slough off your dead skin cells for smooth and polished skin. It definitely gets the job done!

My Hands Are Thaied- Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream

Can we just take a moment to giggle at all of these cute (hilarious) names?! If you are looking for a truly rich and luxurious hand cream for the upcoming winter months, this is a great way to achieve that!

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

Milking It Chunk Big Bath Bar

This is a much more gentle bath bar that smells exquisite. That’s right, I’m busting out the big words for this one. Made suitably with goat’s milk and honey, this soap offers a rich lather for super clean skin. This bar is great for sensitive skin.

BFF Best Face Forever Face Wash

I have been on the hunt for a great cruelty free face wash for some months now. I have officially fallen in love with this product. A blend of peppermint and grapefruit essential oils are combined with plant sugars and eco beads to provide a refreshingly polished skin. It smells SOOO good and gives my face a refreshing clean. This is truly a BFF!

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

As Good As Gold Skin Stick

I saved the best for last, ya’ll. This stick of “gold” is so enjoyable for more than a few reasons. My first impression when I applied this product to my face was, Ew! Greasy! Yuck! However, after I let it dry, my skin felt super smooth, supple, and extremely hydrated! I also didn’t hate that it gave me a radiant glow. This stick also acts as a great primer before you apply your foundation. The glorious face stick is created to smooth fine lines and wrinkles with argan, macadamia, and sweet almond oils. Nifty, right?

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

My overall conclusion

Perfectly Posh products are the perfect combination of healthy ingredients, quality products, and a fun and quirky consumer experience! I will be purchasing these products for my skin needs in the future. I am eyeing the variety of masks that they have available. I’m all about a good mask! I highly recommend these products and think you’ll achieve the softest skin with Perfectly Posh as well.

Anyway, you can get all of these products and so much more via the website OR you can support my wonderful friend, Mariah, by purchasing from her link. Mariah also happens to have a kick ass blog (Seeking Wondrous Life) full of adventure inspiration and truly magical photography. So, definitely be sure to check out her website for some serious inspo!


Perfectly Posh: mariahbaumgartle.po.sh

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Twitter: @mcbaumgartle


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