Last year I would’ve told you that I had lost all belief in myself. Every aspect of my life seemed hopeless and dim. You could even say that I had given up on living my dream life. What is a dream life anyway? Who actually gets to live those lives? That’s what I thought in 2016. It was rough. I had a college degree that was taking me no where. I was making less money than I had been making during my high school years… I had moved back to my home state, where I once thought I would never be again. I didn’t believe I could do more at that point. I was ready to settle. Boy, am I glad I didn’t. I got so tired of not believing in myself that I finally made choice to change it. Today I’m sharing 7 simple steps to start believing in yourself. You deserve to live a life full of glitter. You are special and you have so much to offer. So, keep reading if you are ready to start believing in yourself.

7 Simple Steps To Start Believing In Yourself

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1.) Make a choice

If you are truly sick of constantly putting yourself down and you are ready for a change, it’s time to make a choice. The decision is all yours. The time has come where you need to focus all of your efforts on believing in yourself. Declare that you will do whatever it takes to start igniting your beliefs.

2.) Get some help

No, I’m not saying you have to go hire a therapist. Although, it couldn’t hurt. There are so many self-help books out there right now that are surprisingly not cheesy. They are inspiring, motivating, and give you the courage to start putting yourself above all else. I used to think self-help books were for “crazy cat ladies” who cried in their coffee. Turns out it’s for twenty-five year olds who cry in their coffee on their way to work (true story, that was me)! Some of those books are also very comical! Like, the author’s totally relate and make the once sad realities humorous. You can check some of my recommendations down below. You Are a Badass is currently my absolute favorite!

3.) Listen to some super inspiring tunes

Music is the key to your soul, after all. When I hear inspiring music and I can relate to the lyrics, my soul is shaken. I immediately feel motivated to make a major change. When Thunder by Imagine Dragons hit the radio, it’s like that song came on for me in the exact moment I needed it. It was crazy, ya’ll! It’s like the universe was speaking to me saying, “Girl, you’re a freaking star! Start acting like it.”

So, I did. I started acting like the star in the sky that I am. The star in the sky that you are. We all have so much to offer to this world. Only few of us can realize that. Don’t waste your bright light my friend. Turn on the tunes, jam out, listen to the lyrics that are made for you, right now, in this moment, and go shine bright.  Also, I highly recommend listening to Thunder, if you’ve been living under a rock and have yet to hear it.

4.) Journaling aka “Brain Dumping”

I used to think of journaling as a “Dear Diary” sort of thing that pre-teens did when they couldn’t stop thinking about their middle school crushes. Lately, journaling has become quite the trendy hobby, and I must say, I’m a big fan. Brain Dumping is a form of journaling where you write down every thought that comes to your mind in that exact moment. It’s a great way to get somethings off of your shoulders. It’s a great way to start discovering your deepest fears, your greatest triumphs, what you love about yourself, what you hate about yourself, so on and so forth. This is a great self therapy technique that anyone can benefit from. I personally love brewing a delicious latte, listening to The Lumineers, and writing all of my thoughts out in my journal. Don’t judge me, but, I have a collection of notebooks I purchased just because they were cute, and have yet to write in them. So, I made it a goal to now use them as my “Brain Dumping” journals.

5.) Join a few “feel good” Facebook groups

When I first started my journey of believing in myself, I joined a bunch of Facebook Groups. Like, Confidence groups, Manifestation groups,  Self Healing groups, Meditation groups, the list goes on. These Facebook groups are filled with inspiring women and women who are going through the same exact things you are. They are there to support you, offer advice, and act as a “virtual friend.” Actually, there are women in these groups that actually fly across the country to build friendships and join retreats.

These groups are a great way to start feeling better about your current situations. Who doesn’t like chatting with like-minded people who can relate to you or offer support? Here are few groups I highly recommend joining the groups below if you want to become inspired and start meeting alike individuals.

Millennials With Unshakable Confidence (I created this group to help impact others lives in a positive way that helps them create confidence.)

The Confident Ladies Club

Life Coaching Cafe

Boss Ladies Manifesting Success

The Confident Coach Connection

Manifestation Babe

The Clarity Crew


6.) Don’t sweat the small stuff

Believing in yourself isn’t always easy. If it was, wouldn’t we all believe in ourselves one hundred percent of the time? You’re going to fall down sometimes. You’re going to feel on top of the world sometimes. But, I guarantee you, if you sweat the small stuff, it’s going to be that much harder. It’s okay to fumble through your journey of believing in yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you go through ups and downs. Pick yourself up, star. You got this.

7.) Trust in the journey

The Universe truly has your back. If you are trying to believe in yourself, and you have declared to the Universe that you want this belief, it’s time to let go. Give it to the Universe! Give it to God! Whatever higher power you believe in, give it up. Trust that you will reach your destination of self-confidence and belief. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is all about the ride. Humans mess up all the time. We are not perfect. But, you do deserve unshakable belief in yourself.

I hope these 7 simple steps to start believing in yourself have massively served you. If you are still weary and need a little extra support please feel free to shoot me a message! I would love to offer more support.

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Love this post Cassie! I’m right there with you and also went through a stage of hitting rock bottom and contemplating staying there and we used a lot of the same coping techniques like music and writing! I’m definitely going to have to check out some of those Facebook groups! I’ve been looking for some more positive groups to join in addition to yours!


Hi Asha! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I feel that we all go through something similar throughout life and it’s always good to reach out for help or take things into your own hands. I think you are full of positivity and I’m so glad you’ve came to where you are now! Your blog is kicking butt!!!! Yes, check out the groups. I LOVE THEM!!!!


I love this!!! It’s so encouraging and positive and even though I KNOW all this stuff, I always need a reminder and I LOVE IT!! Thanks doll!!!

I can all too well relate to feeling frustrated and powerless when you have a 9-5 soul-sucking job but I think that having your goals and what you want to achieve as something you can focus your energy on, it makes it easier. It can be hard not to waste energy on being frustrated but at the same time, when you put things in perspective, it really does help!!


Hi Seppy! Thanks for reading. It’s always good to have a reminder. We get bogged down on day to day “junk” that it’s hard to recharge and change your perspective. <3

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