Do you ever feel like you are being left in the dust by all of your successful friends in the online community or in your everyday life? You’re not alone. In fact, most people feel this way right before they see their own success come through. Instead of being jealous of your boss girl friends, get excited! Success is just around the corner. I want to give you some insight if you are currently going through this phase in your business or life. Keep reading if you would like to know how to succeed in your life and business.

How To Succeed In Life And Business

1.) Get clear on WHY you are doing what you’re doing

You can relate this to your business as well as your life goals. WHY are you starting a business? WHY are you taking the next step in your business? WHY are you planning on getting fit or doing more outdoor activities in your life? Whatever you are choosing to start, know your WHY.

Okay, sounds easy right? No. This should be challenging! Dig deep. You want to write down every details that makes up your WHY. It shouldn’t be as simple as “Because I want to make loads of money.” It should be more like this: “I started my business so that I can inspire others and make an impact on them by teaching them how they can be the best version of themselves. I want them to feel a sense of joy and purpose once I’m done coaching them.”

Your WHY should of meaning other than dollar signs.

2.) Know your worth

This step is more than just knowing how to charge your clients. It’s knowing how much value you bring to your clients or customers. Why does your client need you? What problem do you solve? Are you worth their time? I mean, of course you are… but, do YOU know that? You need to know your worth in able to help others find theirs.

Once you know your worth, you’ll find it much easier to price your packages and services. It’s like a win win, right?

How To Succeed In Your Life And Business

3.) Be your own authentic self (Don’t try to be someone you’re not)

This one is huge!!! When I first starting my coaching business, I was following every other coaches move. I didn’t know what I was doing then, so, I figured if I do what everyone else does, I should be good, right? WRONG. I found a loss of creativity. I was never meant to be a follower. I found myself hiding my true message because no one else was saying it and I felt like I needed to say what others were saying to be successful.

Be true to yourself. There is someone(s) out there who needs your message. Like, hard core. Don’t deprive them of that. Don’t deprive yourself like that.

4.) Don’t EVER think you’re not good enough

This is common sense… At least, it should be. The second you tell yourself you cannot do something, is the second you cannot do something. Stay strong. There will always be self-doubt here and there. Just remember to go back to your WHY and forge on.

Keep trucking because, giiiirlllll, this world needs you!!! They need to hear your message and live their purpose out. Don’t forget what you are doing and why you are doing it. There is no option to think you’re not good enough. We are only as good as we tell ourselves.

5.) Just keep swimming

Things will come up. There will be days where you want to climb under your covers, chug your latte, and call it a day. You know, all of the many different hats you wear can be exhausting! You will feel like throwing in the towel. Or you’ll just cry all day and kick yourself in the head because you still haven’t seen your success. These days will come and go. Just keep swimming. Swim against the current that is life. Don’t give up. Success is right around the corner.

What are some ways you stay positive when you feel like success is out of reach?

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How To Succeed In Your Life And Business

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