Your friend Sally just scored a huge promotion at work. Sally is headed to the Apple store to buy a brand new MacBook Pro, you know, the gorgeous rose gold version. With all of her extra cash from her promotion, she decided to buy a new laptop to work on. You are ENVIOUS. Like, super jealous. You’re thinking, ‘Wow, Sally’s got it made. I wish I could go buy a new shiny laptop.’ While you’re envious of her new laptop, you’re really more jealous of her newfound success. You get off the phone feeling defeated. Envy is a part of life. We all experience it. I’m going to share with you why you shouldn’t be envious of others success so you can get out of your own way and start experiencing your own success.

Why You Shouldn't Be Envious Of Others Success

Community Over Competition

I learned this important lesson from an intelligent blogger and it has changed my whole way of thinking. While Sheila, over at In Search Of Sheila, discusses this topic in relation to bloggers, I find that it applies to most areas of business. Sheila touches on how creating community can actually help you become more successful. Whether it’s in your blog, your coaching business, or getting a promotion at work, when you have a community of successful people, they can help you reach your goals.

Competition is only going to create negative feelings. However, Sheila also talks about how there’s such a thing as healthy competition. Read her post for more details.

When you have a sense of community, you have accountability, support, education, and a lot more fun!

Why You Shouldn't Be Envious Of Others Success

Create Your Own Confidence

When we feel envious of others success, we tend to put ourselves down. We start to lack confidence, thinking that we will never be able to become as successful as others. These jealous feelings create negative thoughts that breed more negative actions. Create your own confidence so that you can be happy for your friend, Sally, and start kicking butt in making your goals happen! I launched a course all about how to create your own unshakable confidence that you can peep here if you need some extra support.

Focus On Your Success

If you are focusing on someone else’s success, how are you supposed to focus on getting your own? Stop yourself from feeling jealous of others’ accomplishments are get to work. Focus on your tasks and goals in order to reach your dreams.

Why You Shouldn't Be Envious Of Others Success

Negative Nancy’s Don’t Win

You will never have or accomplish what you want if you are constantly wondering why others’ have or accomplish what you want. If you are striving to get a MacBook Pro because Sally just got one, and you are kicking yourself in the head because you still don’t have it… you will never get it. Quit thinking negatively about why you haven’t reached success yet and how your friends already have. Stay positive. Work hard. Work towards your own goals, not everyone else’s. You will get there.

My point is, let your friend Sally brag about her newfound success and laptop. Your time is coming. Celebrate with her and the fact that you are about to be killin’ it too! Stay focused, positive, and happy for those who are doing amazing things. You got this.

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