The New Year is literally right around the corner… As in, TOMORROW. It’s unbelievable how quickly 2017 came and went. Are you questioning why you didn’t meet your goals this year? Are you wondering how you will meet your goals next year? Maybe you haven’t started making your goals. That’s okay. You still have time. It’s never too late to plan and create goals that you are going to absolutely crush. It’s a New Year! You got this. Keep reading while I guide you through your new year new goals- how to kick ass in 2018.

new year new goals- how to kick ass in 2018

Goals aren’t just hopes

If you’re anything like I used to be, goals are exciting plans you write down with no direction in making those goals. You get so pumped thinking about all the things you want to accomplish, however, you fall short every time because that’s all they are… things you WANT to accomplish. You don’t follow through with them because you don’t know what steps to take. Your goals have been just hopes. Up until now. This is our year to shine! It’s time to get really clear on your goals and start getting to know the steps you must take to achieve them.

My tip to you? Get out your journal that has been collecting dust, or, create a google doc. Write down all of your big goals. Then, think about the things you need to have in place to crush those goals! For example, if my goal is to wake up an hour earlier each day, then, I would need to have a routine in place, an alarm clock that is going to get me out of bed, and the determination to do so. Think about your goals in a way that you need to have a solution to each goal in order to make it happen.

Learn from your mistakes

Reflect on your year of 2017. What goals did you make? Did you accomplish them? If not, why? What kept you from meeting your goals? It’s important to learn what works for you and what doesn’t. For example, my first year in blogging, I planned out my content a month in advance. Many other bloggers did the same thing and they crushed their goals. Me? Not so much. What works for someone else, may not work for you. I found that when I planned my content on a bi-weekly basis, I always met my goals. Learn from your mistakes, learn what works for you, personally, and implement that.

New Year New Goals- How To Kick Ass In 2018


Find an accountability partner

This sounds cheesy and cliche, however, it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and have fun while you’re at it. I recently connected with a fellow entrepreneur and we decided to be each other’s accountability partners. This has been a huge help with deadlines and following through. When you have someone who can kick you in the butt when you’re too lazy to do the work, it really get’s your goals into gear. You can find an accountability partner by simply messaging a fellow entrepreneur on social media. I love looking in entrepreneurial Facebook groups . Those ladies are seriously determined! Hint: You can find some in my Facebook group of glittery go(al) getters!

New Year New Goals- How To Kick Ass In 2018

Know that you can go the distance

You know how I’m always talking about believing in yourself and kicking your self-doubt to the curb? This applies to creating goals as well. Create realistic goals that you know you won’t let yourself quit on. I’m not saying you can’t dream big. Definitely dream big. I’m saying that you need to break those dreams down. Break them down into smaller goals that you know are attainable for yourself. I used to be the queen of overcompensating for my own accountability. I would come up with these unreachable goals. Am I saying they were impossible goals? No. I just know that I wasn’t going to put in the work that was needed to achieve them at the time. I knew I didn’t want to work that hard then. That being said, know what is important to you and what you are passionate about. Know yourself and what goals you are going to put the work in to crush them!

New Year New Goals- How To Kick Ass In 2018

Quarterly goals are a thing for a reason

If you’ve ever worked in retail or at another business, you’ve heard of quarterly goals. These are usually quarterly sales goals with the year broken up into quarters. Breaking your goals up throughout the year makes it easier to stay on track. I highly recommend breaking your sales goals and other business goals into quarterly chunks. You will thank me later.

I break my quarterly goals into different categories for my business. Content goals, Marketing goals, Community outreach goals, Income/finance goals, and Social Media goals. Get detailed with each category. At the beginning of each quarter, review the goals ahead of you and map out what you will do to reach them. At the end of each quarter, reflect on the goals you achieved and what goals you didn’t. Make a game plan on how you can meet those goals in the future.

The new year will bring many ups and downs, in your business, and your personal life. Know that you will prevail through challenges and stay on track with your goals. After all, each year ends as quickly as it begins. Don’t forget your goals and the reasons you created them. So, get out there and kick some ass in 2018!!!

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