‘Tis the season of wedding bells! I don’t know about you, but everyone seems to be getting engaged. Including myself! That’s right, I’m tying the knot this summer. After my Fiance decided to pop the question in March, only a few months ago, I decided I would try my best to spend our short engagement (we get married in 40 DAYS!!!) soaking up all the engaged goodness. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the stressful details of wedding planning, but, it doesn’t have to be stressful. You and your honey should spend this time blissful, in love, and as stress free as possible. That is why I am sharing my tips on how to enjoy your engagement and be stress free! This is a magical time, savor it.

How To Enjoy Your Engagement

How To Enjoy Your Engagement

Spend Time With Your Fiance

After all, he did just propose to you. Even though you will spend the rest of your life with him, you should still take time to get close to your love. Like, super close. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the wedding planning madness and end up spending little time with your bae. Take time to make date nights a priority in between the dress fittings and cake tastings.

Personal story: When I first got engaged, I found myself spending a lot of time with the gals doing fun things like picking out my wedding dress and sipping mimosas for celebratory brunches. I started feeling a distance from my fiance that I wasn’t fond of. How did I solve this? I started planning movie nights and kayaking dates with my Fiance. We had so much fun and it truly strenghthened our newly engaged bond.

How To Enjoy Your Engagement

How To Enjoy Your Engagement

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

I get it. No bride wants to show up to their wedding without something old, something new, something borrowed, or something blue. There are so many details that go into your big day, that it’s easy to focus on every single small thing. Let me tell you right now: This will stress you OUT! I was starting to focus on all the small details that I lost sight of the big picture. Assign the details to your wedding party. Hello, Made Of Honor! That’s what they are there for! To help you enjoy the big day!

Have Fun Setting Up Your Registry

Hello!!! Shopping and having your guests pay the bill? Yes, please. Creating our registry was so fun! We chose to create ours online at our favorite store, which is Target. I thought it would be less stressful then going out to the store and dealing with lines and the whole hustle bustle aspect of shopping. It was definitely less stressful. Creating our Target Registry was easy from set up to adding items to our list. Plus, Target always has the best selection.

Your registry is like a fun sport you and your Fiance will play. You decide which adorable home decor items you want in the house, and your Fiance will compete by informing you of the practical items you actually need for your home. 😉

Spend Time With Your Wedding Party

Weddings are like excuses to actually push things like “work” and house chores to the side and get out with the girls! It’s like a girlfriend reunion. Events like going to find the perfect wedding dress while popping the bubbly and picking out key decor pieces for the big day come to mind. I had so much fun spending time with my best friend, Made Of Honor (sissy!), Mom, and my sweet seven year old niece!

Create A Checklist

It’s so important to create a list of all of the things you need to accomplish and purchase before the wedding. No one wants to leaving the planning until the last minute. Especially if you have a short engagement. My engagement is only five months! I would be lost without my Wedding Wire app. This app allows you to create your own checklist and deadlines to stay on track. You can sign up here.

Savor The Big Moments

My favorite moment, so far, in my wedding planning craze, was finding the perfect wedding dress. I decided to make a girl date with the girls to go wedding dress shopping. My mind went into this not thinking I would find my dress that day. We went to breakfast, grabbed our coffee’s and hit up the cutest bridal boutique in our small town. We had made an appointment at Mimi’s Bridal (for those who are local to my area) ahead of time. The associate came in on her day off and opened the store early! It was the sweetest.

As we browsed through the wide selection of gowns, I laid eyes on three that I thought would be perfect. The last one I slipped on was magic. It was meant to be. After an hour of trying on gowns and popping bubbly, I found… the one.

How To Enjoy Your Engagement
***This isn’t the wedding dress I picked. Saving those photos for the big day!

Just remember, you only get married once. Savor this big moment. Enjoy the process of finding your perfect dress and bring your loved ones along with you.

Delegate Stressful Tasks

You have a Made Of Honor for a reason: To help you with all the stressful tasks so you don’t have to have multiple panic attacks. Make sure your Made Of Honor and Bridesmaids know what you need help with. In the beginning I made a list of all the things I knew my Made Of Honor could get done. You can add your list in with your proposal to your right hand lady. Make it special! These cute Etsy cards are perfect for the occasion!

Your engagement will fly by!!!! Don’t forget to enjoy the process.  After all, you only get married once.

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