So, you want the perfect cake, the glamorous wedding dress, exceptional catering, and the perfect venue to say “I Do”. How do you achieve all of this without going completely insane and staying within your budget? Well, fret no more, bride-to-be, because I am sharing my top 3 tips to plan your dream wedding ceremony so that you aren’t pulling your hair out five minutes before walking down the aisle.

3 Top TIps To Plan Your Dream Wedding Ceremony

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1. Create a wedding planning checklist

No, seriously, this is the most crucial step. When I first started planning my wedding, I was lost with everything I had to remember to do, purchase, and pack for the big day. It was stressing me out! So, I started a planning checklist. You can do this in the Notes app on your phone, or you can print out one. I love this planning checklist from Wedding Forward. I love how this checklist has timelines for each item. If you want an interactive checklist where you can check items off your list on an app, I highly recommend using WeddingWire app.

Once you’ve created your list or printed one out that best fits your wedding, you have to follow through! Make the deadlines. This will make the whole planning process so much easier.

2. Hire someone (or delegate tasks to your bridal party)

Wedding planning can become stressful or even mundane if you are taking care of every single thing by yourself. Let’s be real, most guys don’t want to be a part of the wedding planning. Even when they love you to the moon and back. So, that leaves your wedding planner or your bridal party. If you’re anything like me, you are trying to stay on budget, and ain’t nobody got room in their budget to hire a wedding planner. Okay, maybe Kim K does, but that’s beside the point.

Made Of Honor’s are there to help! Let them. Take a peak at your planning checklist and start sending over tasks to your bridal party. Be sure to thank them for all of their commitment and hard work. This person can also be in charge of directing guests during the ceremony.

3. Research different wedding program guides

The most stressful part of wedding planning for me was figuring out how the wedding ceremony would go down and how to round everyone up for each portion of the evening. I mean, I’ve never been married before and I had no idea what the groom and I would have to say or do during the ceremony and how to direct our guests.

What you need is a guide for your wedding ceremony program so that you can figure out what to put down for each of your guests to know all the details of the evening. . I recommend checking out A Perfect Guide To Creating Great Wedding Programs from Wedding Forward. I love how easy they made this guide. From tips on how your programs should be formatted to the latest trends on fonts, themes, and styles of wedding programs. Having a wedding program is also a great momentum for your guests. Often times, they keep these stylish programs as a keep sake from the big day.

Top 3 Tips To Plan Your Dream Wedding Ceremony

Wedding planning can be stressful. That is why there are so many great resources for you to utilize so that you can focus less on tasks and more on the most important moments of your life. You can also check out my post on how to enjoy your engagement here. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the duration of your engagement with your soon-to-be hubby. I hope these three tips serve you well in your wedding planning adventures.


What stresses you out the most about wedding planning? Check out more helpful tips and guides on here.



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