We have all signed up for a monthly subscription plan at least once in our adult lives. You know, like, your shoe subscriptions such as Just Fab or Shoe Dazzle. You have signed up for fitness clothing subscription plans like Fabletics. Bark Box for your furry friends, Birch Box for your makeup fix. The list goes on. Did you know that there are subscription boxes for your engagement? Yeah, my mind was blown too when I got engaged and found this magical monthly bridal box. If you’re newly engaged, chances are that you are scouring Amazon looking for the cutest “Engaged AF” tee, or your bridesmaids perfect proposal gift. Well, if you want to eliminate that search, I’m recommending signing up for From Miss To Mrs monthly subscription box. I discovered this gem while scrolling through Instagram one morning. I was so excited to receive my very first box and find the cutest bridal items that helped me with my wedding planning. So, you’re engaged! Below, you will see why you need a bridal subscription box.

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Who doesn’t want to receive bridal goodies every month?

When you get engaged, it’s like the whole worlds melts away and the only thing on your agenda is wedding planning.  You find yourself wanting to brunch with the girls every week and sip mimosas to celebrate your engagement. Dress shopping becomes the only thing that matters in life. All of these moments are so exciting and a great way to bond with your bridal party and Fiance. Why not have beautiful bridal themed items shipped to your door every month? These boxes are filled with adorable wedding planning notepads, bridal tees, sweet diamond shaped paper clips you never thought you would need until you find them in this box. (Trust me, I use them all the time!)

You feel like a Queen

When you receive your monthly goodies, it’s like receiving gifts from Santa and Christmas Eve. These boxes make you feel special (because, hello, you ARE!!!!). Let’s just call you Queen Bride. After all, you only get married once. Splurge on a bridal box that makes you feel special.

You will feel less intimidated by wedding planning

With your handy dandy bridal wedding planner notepad, you will get all the things planned. Check them off as you go and you will feel like a Boss Bride! My first box came complete with these pretty pens and notepad. I used almost every page of this notepad. It was my planning life line. These helpful postcards with wedding planning tips were also included!! You can also check out a recent post on how to plan the perfect wedding ceremony for some inspiration.


Why You Need A Bridal Subscription Box

If your looking for beautiful wedding ring sets for the big day, check out Oh So Perfect Proposal for inspiration!


You can’t beat the price of this subscription plan

There are several bridal box subscriptions out there. What I love about From Miss To Mrs is their pricing. Weddings are expensive, as we all know. So, we want to pinch our pennies where we can. This is such an affordable monthly subscription! I also love that they offer different plans. You can choose a three month, 6 month, or 8 month plan depending on how long your engagement is. For me, my wedding was a short three months away. However, brides who have a longer engagement might want to sign up for the 8 month plan. You can view their prices and subscribe here.

So, what is in this monthly bridal box?

Their website states that brides can enjoy the following products: 18K gold plated necklace & stud earrings, silky smooth floral kimono robe, 100% silk sleeping mask, photobooth props, couture set of hairpins, luxury passport cover & luggage tag set, spa and beauty essentials, and many other trendy bridal products.


However, those are just a few items included in these beautiful boxes.

Here’s what came in my very first box!

Why You Need A Bridal Subscription Box

Items included:

  • “Love” balloon (Literally so cute for an engagement party decoration)
  • 18K Gold Plated Diamond shaped necklace
  • Jewelry cleaner wipes (these are a god send when you want to quickly shine up that engagement ring)
  • 2 cute pens
  • Paper clips (cutest shapes EVER)
  • Floral drink cup with straw
  • Wedding planner notepad
  • Postcards with  wedding hacks (Hello! Lifesaver.)
I used my balloon to set up a romantic indoor picnic for my fiance.

With all that said, every bride-to-be needs a bridal box like From Miss To Mrs.




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