Do you cover your mouth when you laugh because you are afraid to show your teeth? You’re not the only one. I spent most of my adult life doing the same thing, anxious that someone would judge me because my teeth weren’t as white as most others. You see, I like my coffee. Can you relate? Yellow coffee stains that just don’t seem to go away can leave you feeling less then confident when you flash your smile. That’s why I was so thrilled to learn that you can have a white smile again! I was also ecstatic to know that it doesn’t take that long at all, and, it’s super easy! In fact, it’s so easy there are only a few easy steps. Learn all about teeth whitening for a confident smile.

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I was introduced to Smile Brilliant whitening trays and immediately found myself giddy when I learned that these trays significantly remove layers of stains! As an avid coffee drinker, I had to try this system out. So how does it work and does it really work?

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Step 1: Make your impressions at home

Smile Brilliant mails you a kit of putty and plastic trays and all the necessary steps to create perfect fitting trays. Before I received my kit, I was concerned that it would be time consuming and very confusing to create my impressions. I was pleased when my kit arrived and found very detailed instructions. This process was super easy. Smile Brilliant’s customer service is also very helpful should you have any issues.

Smile Confidently With These Easy Steps

Once you create your impressions by placing the putty mixture into the trays and placing the trays against your teeth, you send your custom trays back to their lab. Don’t worry, they pay for the shipping.

Smile Confidently With These Easy Steps

Step 2: The Lab creates your trays

This process only takes 3-5 business days so that you can start whitening in no time.

Step 3: Start whitening

I’ve tried other whitening tools that were always so uncomfortable and just not realistic for my day to day tasks. Whitening strips were always such a hassle. Not only did the strips constantly slip on my teeth, but I couldn’t talk to anyone with them on because I would drool everywhere and they always made my gums sensitive.

Okay, this is where the magic happens. In the first kit you received with your putty and plastic trays, you also received the whitening gel syringes and desensitizing gel. You will apply 1/3 to 1/4 of the whitening gel syringe to your trays in a single line. You will then place the trays on your teeth and leave them there for forty five minutes up to three hours.

Smile Confidently With These Easy Steps

I know what you’re thinking, that seems like a long time, right? That’s what I initially thought as well. However, the trays are so comfortable that it didn’t even phase me. That’s what I love about this system. Unlike other whitening systems, you can go on about your day without the annoyance of whitening strips slipping off of your teeth.

In fact, these trays were so comfortable that I was able to be super productive like cleaning the house, walking the dogs, and of course binge watching Netflix.

If you have sensitive gums, the desensitizing gel is amazing! You just rub a little on after you take your trays out and leave it on for the night.

Smile Confidently With These Easy Steps

They recommend whitening at night so you aren’t immediately drinking beverages or eating foods that can stain your teeth. I did my whitening every night to every other night before bed while I tidied up the house or took the dogs out for a quick walk.

Smile Brilliant’s whitening system has changed my whole confidence level surrounding my smile! I find myself taking more selfies with my teeth front and center and I feel more confident flashing a smile to my friends every day. Now I can drink my coffee without feeling guilty. You can see the difference in my “before and after” photo below.

You can see the discolorations and stains in the photo above and the photo below that, you can see how those stains have been significantly reduced!

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Smile Confidently With These Easy Steps

Have you tried any whitening systems that you’ve loved?

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