There is something beautiful about checking your watch instead of your phone when someone asks what time it is. This simple act brings us back to a time of simplicity and class. It’s almost as if it is a conversation starter. We look down at our timepiece and share the time with the other person and it leads to a conversation instead of looking at the time on our phone and getting sucked into the wave of notifications coming through. I love a quality crafted watch and wanted to share unique timepieces you will wear everyday in today’s post.

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To be a truly stylish timepiece, I believe there should be several components. Craftmanship, quality, and uniqueness. You don’t just want a “pretty” watch. You want a watch that looks like it was created by one person who poured their heart into it. That creates a unique look that is true quality and craftmanship.

JORD Watches (pronounced Yode) has a variety of unique timepieces that you will drool over. I’m so excited to be partnering with them for an awesome giveaway (see details below). I am absolutely coy over my Cora Polaris Watch. This timepiece features Koa wood sourced from the beautiful Hawaii. Swarovski crystals adorn the rose gold metal watch face. The exposed movement on the underside of the watch takes me back in time in a dreamy way.

JORD has crafted timepieces for both men and women and you can tell each watch is crafted in a precise manner. My Cora Polaris timepiece has a story, as each of their watches do. The Cora Collection is a feminine design with subtle details. The crystals on the face of the watch represent the Little Dipper. So, if you’re into the stars, this has your name on it.

I love to style my timepiece with feminine outfits. This is the perfect watch for your everyday style as it adds a unique pop to your outfit.

Unique Timepieces You Will Wear Everyday

I wanted to tell you a little bit about the wood featured on this watch because I feel that is what gives it such a unique look. Koa Wood is considered to be the most beautiful of the native hardwoods to Hawaii. Koa produces medium gold to reddish brown tones similar to Mahogany. Each piece of wood looks beautiful and different. Koa wood comes from trees have an average height of eighty feet.

Get ready to have people asking you where you got your timepiece. I also promise you that you will want to wear this beauty every single day! I have not seen any other wood watch that compares to JORD watches. You will absolutely love the unique look.

Unique Timepieces You Will Wear Everyday

So, you want a unique stylish timepiece and you’re now obsessed with JORD? Well, I’ve partnered with them to give $100 off one of their watches to a lucky winner! You can enter to win here. Also, anyone that enters the giveaway will receive 10% off any JORD Watch.

Unique Timepieces You Will Wear Everyday

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