So, let’s get to it!

After settling for a life I wasn’t in love with… I decided to take matters into my own hands and start living a life full of glitter. (Are you starting to get how much I love glitter?) Did you know that in order to love your life, you must first make the choice to love it? Yeah, that’s what I did. I put my skills of encouraging others to work. From burnt out retail manager to coaching with confidence, I started getting serious about creating a business that filled me with purpose and glittery moments.

If you want to learn more about how I can help you do the same visit here.

We will work great together if:

  • You are ready for a change!
  • You are optimistic about your future!
  • You are tired of the same old things!
  • You are obsessed with glittery things and delicious lattes (okay so that’s not required, but, we’d have lots in common).
  • You desire more confidence and a passion for success!
  • You are ready to trash the excuses!
  • You know you have the potential to live a life full of glitter! (You so do.)

Fun fact: My favorite thing to do is to snuggle with my dogs and sip beautifully crafted Latte’s and Cappuccino’s.