About Me

I’m Cassie and welcome to Glittered By Cassie, a Beauty & Lifestyle blog, but ultimately a place you can go for tips and inspiration.

I reside in Northwestern Montana with my husband (newlyweds here!) and two pups. Also, if you’ve never been to NW Montana, you are missing out!

Glittered By Cassie was created in 2017 when I had just moved back home after earning my fashion degree and learning that fashion wasn’t what I wanted to pursue any longer. This blog was produced during a time in my life where I had no idea what I was doing with my life, or with my blog for that matter. However, I knew that this blog was calling me.

This is a place where we can all share our failures and triumphs, and learn from each other. Failing is a part of life and essential to learning what we want. On this blog, you can also find inspiration, tips on everything from applying mascara (I worked in the beauty industry for a hot four years during college) to how to take care of your mental health. You will also see highlights of my life here in Montana.

I love getting to know all of you. So, if this blog resonates with you, drop a comment or email and let’s get to know each other! 🙂