About Glittered By Cassie

Hello! Glittered By Cassie was born from drinking copious amounts of lattes, a love for beauty, and a desire to inspire others.

Keep reading below to hear my story.

Laid back montanan beauty blogger on a mission to deliver honest product reviews and educational makeup tutorials

So, who am I?

I grew up in Northwestern Montana and spent my days hiking and spelunking. You know, in caves! It was super cool, but, I always felt like I was missing something so I left my small hometown for bigger and better things. First, I tried out art school in Portland, OR to become a fashion photographer, as I’ve always had a huge passion for the fashion industry and was always carrying my DSLR camera with me. Then, I was off to Music City Nashville, TN for a change of scenery. I ended up breaking into the retail industry and graduated with my Fashion Design and Merchandising degree. After a few retail manager positions I decided to head back home and bring my boyfriend of five years along with me.

Here, we spend countless hours in the mountains breathing fresh air with our Boston Terrier, Chuck, and sipping lattes, because, well, I have a serious latte addiction. I love travelling and experiencing all that life has to offer.

Why I Started My Blog

I am now at a 9-5 desk job that I actually absolutely love, while I grow my beauty and lifestyle blog on the side. I started my blog when I decided I was sick of working the majority of my life for someone else’s dreams. While I love my stable job, I am always looking for ways to support my lifestyle with what I love.

My blog began when I decided I wanted to share my tips with others like me. The girl who is on a life journey to create a life she loves while drinking delicious lattes and living in her messy bun and mascara. The girl who reads this blog looking for trusty product reviews, the girl who wants to be inspired and empowered to create their own confidence. So, if that’s you, welcome! Let’s be friends!

I hope you all enjoy! 💋