New Year New Goals- How To Kick Ass In 2018

The New Year is literally right around the corner… As in, TOMORROW. It’s unbelievable how quickly 2017 came and went. Are you questioning why you didn’t meet your goals this year? Are you wondering how you will meet your goals next year? Maybe you haven’t started making your goals. That’s okay. You still have time. It’s never too late to plan and create goals that you are going to absolutely crush. It’s a New Year! You got this. Keep reading while I guide you through your new year new goals- how to kick ass in 2018.

new year new goals- how to kick ass in 2018

Goals aren’t just hopes

If you’re anything like I used to be, goals are exciting plans you write down with no direction in making those goals. You get so pumped thinking about all the things you want to accomplish, however, you fall short every time because that’s all they are… things you WANT to accomplish. You don’t follow through with them because you don’t know what steps to take. Your goals have been just hopes. Up until now. This is our year to shine! It’s time to get really clear on your goals and start getting to know the steps you must take to achieve them.

My tip to you? Get out your journal that has been collecting dust, or, create a google doc. Write down all of your big goals. Then, think about the things you need to have in place to crush those goals! For example, if my goal is to wake up an hour earlier each day, then, I would need to have a routine in place, an alarm clock that is going to get me out of bed, and the determination to do so. Think about your goals in a way that you need to have a solution to each goal in order to make it happen.

Learn from your mistakes

Reflect on your year of 2017. What goals did you make? Did you accomplish them? If not, why? What kept you from meeting your goals? It’s important to learn what works for you and what doesn’t. For example, my first year in blogging, I planned out my content a month in advance. Many other bloggers did the same thing and they crushed their goals. Me? Not so much. What works for someone else, may not work for you. I found that when I planned my content on a bi-weekly basis, I always met my goals. Learn from your mistakes, learn what works for you, personally, and implement that.

New Year New Goals- How To Kick Ass In 2018


Find an accountability partner

This sounds cheesy and cliche, however, it’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and have fun while you’re at it. I recently connected with a fellow entrepreneur and we decided to be each other’s accountability partners. This has been a huge help with deadlines and following through. When you have someone who can kick you in the butt when you’re too lazy to do the work, it really get’s your goals into gear. You can find an accountability partner by simply messaging a fellow entrepreneur on social media. I love looking in entrepreneurial Facebook groups . Those ladies are seriously determined! Hint: You can find some in my Facebook group of glittery go(al) getters!

New Year New Goals- How To Kick Ass In 2018

Know that you can go the distance

You know how I’m always talking about believing in yourself and kicking your self-doubt to the curb? This applies to creating goals as well. Create realistic goals that you know you won’t let yourself quit on. I’m not saying you can’t dream big. Definitely dream big. I’m saying that you need to break those dreams down. Break them down into smaller goals that you know are attainable for yourself. I used to be the queen of overcompensating for my own accountability. I would come up with these unreachable goals. Am I saying they were impossible goals? No. I just know that I wasn’t going to put in the work that was needed to achieve them at the time. I knew I didn’t want to work that hard then. That being said, know what is important to you and what you are passionate about. Know yourself and what goals you are going to put the work in to crush them!

New Year New Goals- How To Kick Ass In 2018

Quarterly goals are a thing for a reason

If you’ve ever worked in retail or at another business, you’ve heard of quarterly goals. These are usually quarterly sales goals with the year broken up into quarters. Breaking your goals up throughout the year makes it easier to stay on track. I highly recommend breaking your sales goals and other business goals into quarterly chunks. You will thank me later.

I break my quarterly goals into different categories for my business. Content goals, Marketing goals, Community outreach goals, Income/finance goals, and Social Media goals. Get detailed with each category. At the beginning of each quarter, review the goals ahead of you and map out what you will do to reach them. At the end of each quarter, reflect on the goals you achieved and what goals you didn’t. Make a game plan on how you can meet those goals in the future.

The new year will bring many ups and downs, in your business, and your personal life. Know that you will prevail through challenges and stay on track with your goals. After all, each year ends as quickly as it begins. Don’t forget your goals and the reasons you created them. So, get out there and kick some ass in 2018!!!

Why You Shouldn't Be Envious Of Others Success

Why You Shouldn’t Be Envious Of Others Success

Your friend Sally just scored a huge promotion at work. Sally is headed to the Apple store to buy a brand new MacBook Pro, you know, the gorgeous rose gold version. With all of her extra cash from her promotion, she decided to buy a new laptop to work on. You are ENVIOUS. Like, super jealous. You’re thinking, ‘Wow, Sally’s got it made. I wish I could go buy a new shiny laptop.’ While you’re envious of her new laptop, you’re really more jealous of her newfound success. You get off the phone feeling defeated. Envy is a part of life. We all experience it. I’m going to share with you why you shouldn’t be envious of others success so you can get out of your own way and start experiencing your own success.

Why You Shouldn't Be Envious Of Others Success

Community Over Competition

I learned this important lesson from an intelligent blogger and it has changed my whole way of thinking. While Sheila, over at In Search Of Sheila, discusses this topic in relation to bloggers, I find that it applies to most areas of business. Sheila touches on how creating community can actually help you become more successful. Whether it’s in your blog, your coaching business, or getting a promotion at work, when you have a community of successful people, they can help you reach your goals.

Competition is only going to create negative feelings. However, Sheila also talks about how there’s such a thing as healthy competition. Read her post for more details.

When you have a sense of community, you have accountability, support, education, and a lot more fun!

Why You Shouldn't Be Envious Of Others Success

Create Your Own Confidence

When we feel envious of others success, we tend to put ourselves down. We start to lack confidence, thinking that we will never be able to become as successful as others. These jealous feelings create negative thoughts that breed more negative actions. Create your own confidence so that you can be happy for your friend, Sally, and start kicking butt in making your goals happen! I launched a course all about how to create your own unshakable confidence that you can peep here if you need some extra support.

Focus On Your Success

If you are focusing on someone else’s success, how are you supposed to focus on getting your own? Stop yourself from feeling jealous of others’ accomplishments are get to work. Focus on your tasks and goals in order to reach your dreams.

Why You Shouldn't Be Envious Of Others Success

Negative Nancy’s Don’t Win

You will never have or accomplish what you want if you are constantly wondering why others’ have or accomplish what you want. If you are striving to get a MacBook Pro because Sally just got one, and you are kicking yourself in the head because you still don’t have it… you will never get it. Quit thinking negatively about why you haven’t reached success yet and how your friends already have. Stay positive. Work hard. Work towards your own goals, not everyone else’s. You will get there.

My point is, let your friend Sally brag about her newfound success and laptop. Your time is coming. Celebrate with her and the fact that you are about to be killin’ it too! Stay focused, positive, and happy for those who are doing amazing things. You got this.

How To Succeed In Your Life And Business

How To Succeed In Your Life And Business

Do you ever feel like you are being left in the dust by all of your successful friends in the online community or in your everyday life? You’re not alone. In fact, most people feel this way right before they see their own success come through. Instead of being jealous of your boss girl friends, get excited! Success is just around the corner. I want to give you some insight if you are currently going through this phase in your business or life. Keep reading if you would like to know how to succeed in your life and business.

How To Succeed In Life And Business

1.) Get clear on WHY you are doing what you’re doing

You can relate this to your business as well as your life goals. WHY are you starting a business? WHY are you taking the next step in your business? WHY are you planning on getting fit or doing more outdoor activities in your life? Whatever you are choosing to start, know your WHY.

Okay, sounds easy right? No. This should be challenging! Dig deep. You want to write down every details that makes up your WHY. It shouldn’t be as simple as “Because I want to make loads of money.” It should be more like this: “I started my business so that I can inspire others and make an impact on them by teaching them how they can be the best version of themselves. I want them to feel a sense of joy and purpose once I’m done coaching them.”

Your WHY should of meaning other than dollar signs.

2.) Know your worth

This step is more than just knowing how to charge your clients. It’s knowing how much value you bring to your clients or customers. Why does your client need you? What problem do you solve? Are you worth their time? I mean, of course you are… but, do YOU know that? You need to know your worth in able to help others find theirs.

Once you know your worth, you’ll find it much easier to price your packages and services. It’s like a win win, right?

How To Succeed In Your Life And Business

3.) Be your own authentic self (Don’t try to be someone you’re not)

This one is huge!!! When I first starting my coaching business, I was following every other coaches move. I didn’t know what I was doing then, so, I figured if I do what everyone else does, I should be good, right? WRONG. I found a loss of creativity. I was never meant to be a follower. I found myself hiding my true message because no one else was saying it and I felt like I needed to say what others were saying to be successful.

Be true to yourself. There is someone(s) out there who needs your message. Like, hard core. Don’t deprive them of that. Don’t deprive yourself like that.

4.) Don’t EVER think you’re not good enough

This is common sense… At least, it should be. The second you tell yourself you cannot do something, is the second you cannot do something. Stay strong. There will always be self-doubt here and there. Just remember to go back to your WHY and forge on.

Keep trucking because, giiiirlllll, this world needs you!!! They need to hear your message and live their purpose out. Don’t forget what you are doing and why you are doing it. There is no option to think you’re not good enough. We are only as good as we tell ourselves.

5.) Just keep swimming

Things will come up. There will be days where you want to climb under your covers, chug your latte, and call it a day. You know, all of the many different hats you wear can be exhausting! You will feel like throwing in the towel. Or you’ll just cry all day and kick yourself in the head because you still haven’t seen your success. These days will come and go. Just keep swimming. Swim against the current that is life. Don’t give up. Success is right around the corner.

What are some ways you stay positive when you feel like success is out of reach?

If you’re needing a confidence boost, I have just the community waiting for you to join! <3 Click here to join a community of confident millennials building their lives and businesses.

How To Succeed In Your Life And Business

7 simple steps to start believing in yourself

7 Simple Steps To Start Believing In Yourself

Last year I would’ve told you that I had lost all belief in myself. Every aspect of my life seemed hopeless and dim. You could even say that I had given up on living my dream life. What is a dream life anyway? Who actually gets to live those lives? That’s what I thought in 2016. It was rough. I had a college degree that was taking me no where. I was making less money than I had been making during my high school years… I had moved back to my home state, where I once thought I would never be again. I didn’t believe I could do more at that point. I was ready to settle. Boy, am I glad I didn’t. I got so tired of not believing in myself that I finally made choice to change it. Today I’m sharing 7 simple steps to start believing in yourself. You deserve to live a life full of glitter. You are special and you have so much to offer. So, keep reading if you are ready to start believing in yourself.

7 Simple Steps To Start Believing In Yourself

***This post may include affiliate links in which I make commissions from. Thank you for supporting my dream so that I can add more value for you.


1.) Make a choice

If you are truly sick of constantly putting yourself down and you are ready for a change, it’s time to make a choice. The decision is all yours. The time has come where you need to focus all of your efforts on believing in yourself. Declare that you will do whatever it takes to start igniting your beliefs.

2.) Get some help

No, I’m not saying you have to go hire a therapist. Although, it couldn’t hurt. There are so many self-help books out there right now that are surprisingly not cheesy. They are inspiring, motivating, and give you the courage to start putting yourself above all else. I used to think self-help books were for “crazy cat ladies” who cried in their coffee. Turns out it’s for twenty-five year olds who cry in their coffee on their way to work (true story, that was me)! Some of those books are also very comical! Like, the author’s totally relate and make the once sad realities humorous. You can check some of my recommendations down below. You Are a Badass is currently my absolute favorite!

3.) Listen to some super inspiring tunes

Music is the key to your soul, after all. When I hear inspiring music and I can relate to the lyrics, my soul is shaken. I immediately feel motivated to make a major change. When Thunder by Imagine Dragons hit the radio, it’s like that song came on for me in the exact moment I needed it. It was crazy, ya’ll! It’s like the universe was speaking to me saying, “Girl, you’re a freaking star! Start acting like it.”

So, I did. I started acting like the star in the sky that I am. The star in the sky that you are. We all have so much to offer to this world. Only few of us can realize that. Don’t waste your bright light my friend. Turn on the tunes, jam out, listen to the lyrics that are made for you, right now, in this moment, and go shine bright.  Also, I highly recommend listening to Thunder, if you’ve been living under a rock and have yet to hear it.

4.) Journaling aka “Brain Dumping”

I used to think of journaling as a “Dear Diary” sort of thing that pre-teens did when they couldn’t stop thinking about their middle school crushes. Lately, journaling has become quite the trendy hobby, and I must say, I’m a big fan. Brain Dumping is a form of journaling where you write down every thought that comes to your mind in that exact moment. It’s a great way to get somethings off of your shoulders. It’s a great way to start discovering your deepest fears, your greatest triumphs, what you love about yourself, what you hate about yourself, so on and so forth. This is a great self therapy technique that anyone can benefit from. I personally love brewing a delicious latte, listening to The Lumineers, and writing all of my thoughts out in my journal. Don’t judge me, but, I have a collection of notebooks I purchased just because they were cute, and have yet to write in them. So, I made it a goal to now use them as my “Brain Dumping” journals.

5.) Join a few “feel good” Facebook groups

When I first started my journey of believing in myself, I joined a bunch of Facebook Groups. Like, Confidence groups, Manifestation groups,  Self Healing groups, Meditation groups, the list goes on. These Facebook groups are filled with inspiring women and women who are going through the same exact things you are. They are there to support you, offer advice, and act as a “virtual friend.” Actually, there are women in these groups that actually fly across the country to build friendships and join retreats.

These groups are a great way to start feeling better about your current situations. Who doesn’t like chatting with like-minded people who can relate to you or offer support? Here are few groups I highly recommend joining the groups below if you want to become inspired and start meeting alike individuals.

Millennials With Unshakable Confidence (I created this group to help impact others lives in a positive way that helps them create confidence.)

The Confident Ladies Club

Life Coaching Cafe

Boss Ladies Manifesting Success

The Confident Coach Connection

Manifestation Babe

The Clarity Crew


6.) Don’t sweat the small stuff

Believing in yourself isn’t always easy. If it was, wouldn’t we all believe in ourselves one hundred percent of the time? You’re going to fall down sometimes. You’re going to feel on top of the world sometimes. But, I guarantee you, if you sweat the small stuff, it’s going to be that much harder. It’s okay to fumble through your journey of believing in yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you go through ups and downs. Pick yourself up, star. You got this.

7.) Trust in the journey

The Universe truly has your back. If you are trying to believe in yourself, and you have declared to the Universe that you want this belief, it’s time to let go. Give it to the Universe! Give it to God! Whatever higher power you believe in, give it up. Trust that you will reach your destination of self-confidence and belief. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life is all about the ride. Humans mess up all the time. We are not perfect. But, you do deserve unshakable belief in yourself.

I hope these 7 simple steps to start believing in yourself have massively served you. If you are still weary and need a little extra support please feel free to shoot me a message! I would love to offer more support.

Why You’re Not Owning Your Life And Why You Should Be

Okay ladies, I’m getting really real today. It’s not going to be the average bubbly message. Today’s message is going to hit you with the cold hard truth on why you’re struggling in creating confidence, waking up to your purpose, stressing out to the max, and not living the life that you want. Keep reading if you want to know why you’re not owning your life and why you should be.

You’re sitting there waiting for the right moment. You are watching all of these inspirational youtube videos or listening to the Tony Robbins podcast getting super inspired, and then, you’re not acting on that inspiration. You’re not the owner of your life right now and you need to be. You can spend your days idolizing all the celebrities, successful business owners, and boss babes but that will never be you if you don’t start owning your life.

When we lack confidence we feel sorry for ourselves. We say to ourselves, “I’m so not confident in myself and that’s why I’m not kicking butt at everything in my life!” We tell ourselves that we can’t do certain things. In a world where society is putting countless false beliefs in our minds on a daily basis, we need to break out our own beliefs. It’s time to take control. Here’s how.

Why You Aren't Owning Your Life And Why You Should Be

***This post may include affiliate links in which I make commissions from. Thank you for supporting my dream so that I can add more value for you.


Show up as the greatest you that you can be

You don’t have to fit a certain mold to live an amazingly abundant life. You don’t have to do what others are doing do be happy or successful or kick ass. The world needs YOU. Not you trying to be someone else. You see, YOU are super valuable. No matter what anyone tells you, the world need you to show up as yourself. Your truest self. Think you can do that? I mean, how cool is it to accept yourself for who you are and to have people fall in love with that you? Do everything with intentions of being uniquely you and you will begin to start owning your life, your decisions, and your happiness.

Why You Aren't Owning Your Life And Why You Should Be

Don’t apologize

Okay, so we need to apologize when we are in the wrong if we say something completely rude, obviously. However, we don’t need to be apologizing for everything that we do. When I was in my early 20’s (a couple years ago.. I’ve learned a lot since then), I would apologize for everything. Even the little things. For example, if I told someone I couldn’t go to lunch with them, I would apologize incesently. In fact, I apologized so much for stupid stuff that didn’t even require an apologize that my boyfriend and family members would get super annoyed with me. “Why are you apologizing?,” they would ask.

I feel that I said sorry for every little thing because I needed some sort of acceptance or validation. I have since stopped apologizing for all the tiny things that don’t deserve an apology. I own it. I own my decisions. I recognize that I don’t need to be sorry for being myself.

Shoot for the stars

Guess what? Life is too short to settle for anything less than spectacular. Why do so many people live life incredibly unhappy? Yes, life can be very challenging at times, but, it is our choice how we respond to difficult situations. We need to constantly be discovering the greatest versions of ourselves, reaching for bigger and better things, creating happiness, and sharing that happiness with the world. Life is too short to simply “settle” for something because we don’t think we are good enough to shoot for the stars. Own your life by creating goals that are bigger than ourselves and then work everyday to reach those goals.

Ask for help

Owning your life does not mean you are alone in this world. It’s okay to ask for help. After all, team work makes the dream work, right? Maybe you need a friend to teach you how to become a better version of you. This doesn’t mean you have to be the person they want you to be. It helps to hear from someone else, their perspective of you. Asking for help can lend an amount of support that helps you build your life.

Why You Aren't Owning Your Life And Why You Should Be

Be grateful

Part of owning your life is recognizing what is already in front of you and building on that. Be grateful for each and every moment in your life, for those moments create your fingerprint on this earth. Don’t forget to thank your lucky stars for the abundance that is life.

Now that you know why you are not owning your life and why you should be, I hope that you will go out and make change! You deserve the best of the best in life. Own it. Live it.

Check out the books below for some more inspiration on owning your life.