Achieve Soft Skin

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

Have you been trying product after product hoping to achieve the perfect balance of soft, hydrated skin that is not greasy and irritated? I’ve been on this mission before. Endless trips to the drugstore, Ulta, Sephora, department stores, online skin boutiques, resulted in over priced or “too cheap” skin products that did nothing for my skin. Other than Kopari Beauty (Which I reviewed last spring, and am still obsessed with), I have been stuck on how to move forward with a skin routine that is cruelty free and perfect for my skin. That is until my friend Mariah introduced Perfectly Posh to me. As you all know, I am always skeptical of MLM beauty brands… However, the cute packaging and Mariah got me excited to give it a try. In this post, I’m going to share my thoughts on the many products Mariah so kindly let me test. I’m going to also share how to achieve the softest skin with Perfectly Posh.

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

Perfectly Posh is a skincare company that stands for fun. passion, creativity, honesty, energy, innovation, and respect according to their mission statement. Ann Dalton created Perfectly Posh in 2011 and the company has grown quickly known for their cruelty-free and USA made quirky products. They offer a slew of delicious (fragrance, and rich) skin care products ranging from facial masks to bubble baths.

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

Where You Bean All My Life Big Bath Soap Bar

This is obviously my favorite product that I’ve tried so far. I mean, it’s a coffee addicts dream soap bar am I right? I don’t just love it because of the coffee aspect though… It offers a very generous yet gentle exfoliation process combined with shea butter and coffee beans. My skin is super soft and free of dead skin cells afterwards. Ingredients include coffee beans (obvi), cocoa seed butter, milk, and sugar. Can you say, yum?

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

Fauxpology Scrubby Bath Bar

It was no surprise to me that I loved this product. This bath bar has a less gentle exfoliation but works wonders to your skin! You need to be careful with this one though because if you scrub too hard, it will hurt! The bar is made up of eco-friendly beads and plant based sugars. The added shea butter helps moisturize the skin. The intense exfoliation is to slough off your dead skin cells for smooth and polished skin. It definitely gets the job done!

My Hands Are Thaied- Big Fat Yummy Hand Cream

Can we just take a moment to giggle at all of these cute (hilarious) names?! If you are looking for a truly rich and luxurious hand cream for the upcoming winter months, this is a great way to achieve that!

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

Milking It Chunk Big Bath Bar

This is a much more gentle bath bar that smells exquisite. That’s right, I’m busting out the big words for this one. Made suitably with goat’s milk and honey, this soap offers a rich lather for super clean skin. This bar is great for sensitive skin.

BFF Best Face Forever Face Wash

I have been on the hunt for a great cruelty free face wash for some months now. I have officially fallen in love with this product. A blend of peppermint and grapefruit essential oils are combined with plant sugars and eco beads to provide a refreshingly polished skin. It smells SOOO good and gives my face a refreshing clean. This is truly a BFF!

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

As Good As Gold Skin Stick

I saved the best for last, ya’ll. This stick of “gold” is so enjoyable for more than a few reasons. My first impression when I applied this product to my face was, Ew! Greasy! Yuck! However, after I let it dry, my skin felt super smooth, supple, and extremely hydrated! I also didn’t hate that it gave me a radiant glow. This stick also acts as a great primer before you apply your foundation. The glorious face stick is created to smooth fine lines and wrinkles with argan, macadamia, and sweet almond oils. Nifty, right?

Achieve The Softest Skin With Perfectly Posh

My overall conclusion

Perfectly Posh products are the perfect combination of healthy ingredients, quality products, and a fun and quirky consumer experience! I will be purchasing these products for my skin needs in the future. I am eyeing the variety of masks that they have available. I’m all about a good mask! I highly recommend these products and think you’ll achieve the softest skin with Perfectly Posh as well.

Anyway, you can get all of these products and so much more via the website OR you can support my wonderful friend, Mariah, by purchasing from her link. Mariah also happens to have a kick ass blog (Seeking Wondrous Life) full of adventure inspiration and truly magical photography. So, definitely be sure to check out her website for some serious inspo!


Perfectly Posh:

Instagram: @mariahbaumgartle

Twitter: @mcbaumgartle


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How To Get Kiss Proof Lips With LipSense

Ladies! Today’s post is super exciting for the following reasons: I’m teaching you how to get kiss proof lips with LipSense AND I have partnered with Rachel, one of the lovely distributors of LipSense, to do an awesome giveaway! So, if you want kiss proof, coffee proof, day proof lip color then keep on reading.

Okay, so I have always been super skeptical with direct sales companies. You know, like Avon, Marykay, Arbonne, so on and so forth. I have always disagreed with the steep prices for a product you can get for less with equal quality. I understand their prices are usually high because they give their sellers a cut of the profit. I could just never get into those brands. While LipSense, a part of Senegence is a direct sales company, I am more apt to buy their products. I will outline the reasons below. Yes, you will pay a pretty penny for one of their products, however, these products are actually worth the extra buck!

How To Get Kiss Proof Lips With Lipsense

Why buy LipSense

  • Cruelty-free: Yes! You read that right. This brand is actually cruelty free! 100% not tested on animals. Yay!

  • Vegan and Kosher

  • Lead Free

  • Kiss proof: For the obvious reasons, this is a huge plus!

  • Community: This brand allows women across the world to interact with one another via online Facebook groups and Instagram pods.

  • Easy three-step process to last throughout the whole day

There are many reasons to choose LipSense. I’m here to share my opinion on the brand and the products. I hope this helps you make a decision if you’ve been pondering on whether to purchase or not.

How To Get Kiss Proof Lips With LipSense

How To Apply

Step 1: Clean and dry your lips with the Oops! Remover

How To Get Kiss Proof Lips With LipSense

Step 2: Shake your tube of LipSense and apply three times, letting dry 3-5 seconds in between applications. (No back and forth motions.)

How To Get Kiss Proof Lips With LipSense

Step 3: Let dry for five seconds and apply gloss.

How To Get Kiss Proof Lips With LipSense


You can see Rachel’s super fun demonstration here.

You can see my video below to see how I apply my LipSense!

Is it worth the hype?

This is my opinion on the product. I love how long this color stays on my lips. It doesn’t dry my lips out after applying the moisturizing gloss, and it doesn’t leave anything on my coffee cup! I mean, that’s the best part. The only thing I didn’t love about the product was the smell when I first applied it. It smells like alcohol.

How To Get Kiss Proof Lips With LipSense
Coffee Proof Lips


How To Get Kiss Proof Lips With LipSense

Okay, so now you’ve heard about the awesome product and you are really wanting one of these magical tubes. Don’t worry! Rachel and I got you covered. You heard that right. It’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!! Rachel, the amazing distributor that sent me these products to review, is giving one lucky winner a whole collection of LipSense! YESSSS! Follow the steps below to be entered to win a starter kit ($55 value). You want in on this! Don’t worry, it’s super easy to enter the giveaway! See details below.


Follow Rachel on Instagram here.

Follow me if you haven’t already here.

Tag your friends in the give away post on my instagram. Every friend you tag will earn you an extra entry. (Tag those friends, yo!)

That’s it! Giveaway will be announced on September 1st, 2017.

How To Get Kiss Proof Lips With LipSense

Get your hands on it now

Okay, you can’t wait for the giveaway and you want it now? Head on over to Rachel’s Facebook page to browse her inventory. When you are ready to order just shoot her a message and use my Instagram name @glitteredbycassie for a 15% off discount.

Do you want to sell LipSense and earn an unlimited potential?

  • $55 sign up fee
  • 20%-50% discount on all products
  • No monthly minimums
  • No monthly fees
  • No cancellation fees

It’s super easy to sign up! Go to, click on “Become A Distributor Now”, and enter distributor ID 336297

Seriously though, go check out all of the pretty colors that are available!

Have any questions for Rachel?? Be sure to leave her a message on her Facebook or Instagram page.

Alright, ladies. Good luck! I can’t wait for one of you beautiful gals to be the lucky winner!




How To Choose Your Signature Scent

Do you ever walk through the fragrance counter in a department store and become overwhelmed at all the different scents? Yeah, me too girlfriend! It’s almost stressful picking out a fragrance. I mean, there are so many to choose from! You don’t want to smell like everyone else. You want a scent that is unique to you. Surprisingly enough, there is more to picking out a perfume then just picking one that smells good. That’s why I put this post together to help you figure out how to choose your signature scent.

***I received the below products complimentary of Influenster for review.

So, what is a “signature” scent?

How To Choose Your Signature Scent

There are hundreds of fragrance brands to choose from. Thousands of other women are wearing the same scents as you and everyone else. While another woman might be wearing the scent you just picked out, that doesn’t mean it can’t be special and unique to you. A signature scent is a timeless scent that represents your personality and style. This scent needs to relate to you and your lifestyle. You need to love love love the scent you are wearing and wear it everyday! Once you start wearing a fragrance that plays off your personality daily everyone will know when you are in the room. When they smell this scent they will think of you.

What scent compliments your personality?

Think about your most valued personality traits. Are you sweet and polite? Maybe you are daring. Maybe you give sass to all of your friends and family. Or, are you well rounded? Each note in a fragrance has a story to tell and can fit your personality to a tee. For example: If you are polite and conservative, your scent will most likely have a lighter and fresh scent. See some options below for each personality.

Sweet & Polite- You drift more towards floral scents as you want your sweet demeanor to shine through. It’s important to you that people see your innocent personality. Your signature scent would be: Saint by Kat Von D


The Saint fragrance carries top notes of Tiare flower and jasmine making this the perfect “sweet” fragrance to match your personality. It also has notes of mandarin and caramel to top it off.

Daring & Sultry- You love doing things you probably shouldn’t. You are a true thrill chaser and love to be different from everyone else. You are edgy but still love a good sexy scent. Your signature scent would be: Sinner by Kat Von D

The Sinner fragrance carries notes of cinnamon and vanilla with a dark twist of base notes made of vetiver, patchouli, and wood.

Sassy & Flirty- You want everyone to know that you’re the life of the party. You are always at the center of attention. Your scent is usually noticed from a far. Your signature scent would be:

How to choose your signature scent

Saint & Sinner by Kat Von D

Mix these two fragrance for the best of both worlds adding to your attention grabbing presence. You own any room with this signature scent. Plus, it’s super unique.

Deciding On Your Fragrance Purchase

Fragrances can cost a pretty penny. My advice to you is to always request samples. Don’t just spray the scents on you in store. Be sure to take home a sample and wear it over the next few days to determine how that fragrance makes you feel. If you feel it matches your personality and you love the scent, it’s time to purchase! 🙂




Why You Should Buy Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

Do you ever wonder what goes into making your makeup products? How do these beauty brands formulate cosmetics that don’t irritate our skin? Well, if you are curious, keep on reading for the truth in what goes into making those ‘perfect’ products. Unfortunately, animal testing is still practiced around the world. Well, today I have a very special guest who is going to share with you the reality of animal testing and why you should buy cruelty free makeup brands.

Julie, creator of Vegan Treasure Hunter, is an animal rights activist, educator, and blogger that finds the best vegan food and vegan products around. Julie is dedicated to ending animal testing and cruelty for good. You can read more about what she does and what she stands for here.

You can also follow her on Instagram, @vegantreasurehunter, for a very inspiring feed that will help open your eyes.

Why You Should Buy Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

Without further ado, Julie’s article below.

“We’ve all had those moments where we stare into the mirror to admire our new shade of lipstick or how amazing our hair looks thanks to our brand new hair masque. C’mon, we’ve all done it! Did you every stop to think about how the products you use on a daily basis are made?
Cosmetics and hygiene products are often tested on animals, or contain ingredients that have been. With every product that you purchase and use, you have a choice to either support animal testing or to fight it. So, what’s the big deal? What exactly is animal testing and why is it done?
Rabbits are most commonly used for animal testing, while other small rodents like guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and mice are also used.  Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps, cosmetics, and other hygiene products are rubbed into the animals’ skin and eyes to observe the results. These skin and eye irritation tests, as you can imagine, are extremely painful for the animals. Can you imagine products and chemicals being forcefully injected into your eyes or rubbed into your skin, all while trapped inside of a small cage, day after day?
These poor animals are also force fed products and chemicals to determine the “lethal dose” and to observe birth defects, illnesses, and other adverse health effects. 100,000-200,000 animals die every year due to animal testing worldwide, according to The Humane Society International. Read more about animal testing, here.
Ok, so animal testing is cruel, but does it need to be done? In the United States, the FDA does not require that products or their ingredients be tested on animals. From a scientific standpoint, animals respond to chemicals differently than humans. For example, if a shampoo does not irritate the eyes of a rabbit, that does not necessarily mean that it will be safe for human eyes. If a product causes chemical burns on the skin of a guinea pig, it may be absolutely fine for human use, therefore making the results of animal tests inconclusive. Thousands of ingredients have already been proven to be safe for human use, making animal testing an unnecessary and out-of-date practice.
The next time you are looking to score some new makeup, please consider that animals may have suffered and died in order for that product to be developed. There are many cruelty-free brands that make amazing products, like TASH Cosmetics, e.l.f. Cosmetics, Kiss My Face, Kat Von D Beauty, Wet n Wild, Pacifica, IT Cosmetics, and many more. Click here to find Leaping Bunny certified products and companies or order PETA’s Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide (it’s free!).

e.l.f. cosmetics

Want to do even more for animals? Please sign this petition to show Congress that Animal Testing must be eliminated, and while you’re at it, share the #nobunniesgottimeforthat campaign on Instagram!
So go ahead and be proud that you’re taking a stand against cruel and unnecessary animal testing! After all, true beauty is cruelty-free!”
Join Julie and her efforts to make a difference and put an end to pointless animal testing.
Be sure to follow my campaign #NoBunniesGotTimeForThat to see how you can make a difference. Tash Cosmetics, a Vegan beauty brand, has partnered with Glittered By Cassie to help spread awareness. So, be sure to follow them as well. @TashCosmeticsWhy You Should Buy Cruelty Free Makeup Brands
You can also support this campaign by purchasing a #NoBunniesGotTimeForThat tee to raise awareness. All the proceeds will be donated to the Johns Hopkins Center For Alternatives To Animal Testing. You can read more about what they do here.

Why You Should Buy Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

Why You Should Buy Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

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Please leave me a comment or email me if you have any further questions about this campaign and how you can help.


BH Cosmetics

Be sure to check out Julie’s blog at for more informative information. Be sure to also check out where Julie writes articles to help raise awareness to all animal cruelty topics and Vegan subjects.


The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How many times have you tried cleaning your makeup brushes just to become completely frustrated and still not have perfectly clean brushes? *raises hand* Yep, I feel ya, girl. Luckily, you don’t have to continue to spend a whole evening cleaning your babies! Today, I’m sharing the easiest way to clean your makeup brushes.

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

I was super lucky to receive a package from The Brush Bar with the most innovative cleaning and drying products. These products are life savers! For real, though. Included in the package was their Brush Bar and the Brush Board.

I love that this company was started by a father and daughter duo right here in the United States! Seriously, check out their bio here. 

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes
The Brush Board

The Brush Board

This innovative product allows you to give your makeup brushes a deep clean. In fact, the BEST clean they’ve ever had!

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

As a former Beauty Advisor in charge of cleaning makeup brushes to ensure hygienic applications to my clients, I can honestly say that this is the best and easiest way to clean makeup brushes. The board offers six different textures to ensure each bristle is scrubbed clean. Cleaning my brushes in the bathroom sink with just my hands was always a chore. It consisted of adding soap and warm water to the brushes and running my fingers through the bristles in attempt to clean each bristle. You can imagine that didn’t prove to work very well. When I was at the makeup counter I would use copious amounts of brush cleanser and swipe my brushes back and forth on a tissue. This took FOREVER to thoroughly clean my brushes.

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

The Brush Board allows you to easily clean your brushes without ruining the bristles and without getting your hands wet and dirty. The different textures allow you to clean different types of brushes effortlessly.

You can check out one of my older posts here where I showed you how to clean your makeup brushes. That was before I knew about this magical tool! See the video below to see it in action.

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes
The Brush Bar

The Brush Bar

The name says it all. This product allows you to dry and display your beautifully clean brushes on a bar that sits on your counter. It’s stylish and easy to use. I don’t know about you, but I HATE laying my brushes flat on the edge of my counter to dry. They tend to lose their shape while they dry. With The Brush Bar your brushes lay upside down to fully dry and they look pretty doing it.

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

The Easiest Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

These two products truly make cleaning your makeup brushes fun and easy. I highly recommend these products and I believe every makeup counter needs to carry them and utilize them.

I have a discount for you guys if you decide to try these products! Use CODE: CASSIE15 for 15% off of your first order! 🙂 Click the link to shop:

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions about these products.