I created my 1:1 programs for determined millennial women who have dabbled in “all the things” and had yet to find her purpose… until now.


I was once in the space of not knowing what I was put on this Earth for and it broke my heart. It came to the point where I was done dabbling in hobbies that I thought fulfilled me. It was time for me to make big moves and jump into my glittery purpose.


Finding your purpose is very challenging. We aren’t all born with obvious talents and skills in which we are passionate about and can also make a good living from. We must search for them. We have to dig deep and figure out what we want the most in life and how we are going to get it by doing what we love.


If you are a go(al) getter. If you are done with excuses like, “It takes way too much time and money to build a successful business”, OR, “I’m just not ready to invest in my dreams”, OR, “I don’t know if I have what it takes.” If you are ready to live a life full of glitter… Then, the below programs were designed specifically for you. 


I can’t wait to get to know your glittery dreams and help you reach them.