Let’s cut to the chase, here.


You may not be ready for a full three month 1:1 program.


Maybe you are working through some finance struggles or you are not ready to commit to the full program because you’re just not quite sure you are there yet.


I know that you are ready. But, YOU have to feel it before you make that move.


That being said, I have created this 2 hour intensive for you to help jump start your glittery biz without the three month commitment.

Work With Me

In this intensive we will:

>>Dive deep into your mindset to uncover what has been holding you back from your most glittery life and biz.

>>We will discuss your current struggles.

>>Create a unique action plan just for you to feel confident moving forward in your biz.

>>Work through any limiting beliefs you have.

>>Get super clear on who you want to help, how to reach them, and what kind of programs you will launch.

>>Get super clear on what steps you need to take in order to jump start your biz.


What’s included?

>>30 Minute Glittery Confidence Chat (where we work on your confidence mindset so that you can go into this program ready to succeed!)

>>One 2 hour video chat via zoom

>>1 Week of unlimited Voxer/Messenger/Email support


*** Bonus***

>>Check-in chat two weeks after our session (20 min zoom call)


7 simple steps to start believing in yourself


The truth is that we are all already successful. Look around at all you have in your life. Look at how far you have come.


If you feel like it is time to step up and start seeing your success while creating more glittery success stories, then, this intensive is for you.


It’s time for you to experience a real breakthrough without fearing your bank account.


It’s time to be your own boss, sip delicious latte’s all day, and work with your pup in your lap.


If you are ready to say ‘YES’ to living a life full of glitter while creating a fulfilling business that you love, then this intensive is for you.


So, what do you say?


Your Investment:

*Early Bird Pricing!!! (Limited time only)*



Price goes up to $489 after that. Don’t miss out on this $134 savings.

You can sign up for a coffee chat with me if you think we would be a glittery match.